Brittany Higgins calls for reform of Australia’s ‘asymmetrical criminal justice system’

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Brittany Higgins said she had not afloat understood Australia’s “asymmetrical transgression justness system” earlier she raised rape allegations against a colleague, and has called for reform.

The erstwhile Liberal party staffer alleged she was raped by a workfellow successful 2019 successful a ministerial bureau successful parliament house. Bruce Lehrmann has consistently maintained his innocence and said determination was nary intersexual interaction betwixt the pair.

A proceedings investigating those claims was aborted aft a juror brought successful probe papers connected the prevalence of mendacious complaints during deliberations.

On Friday, the manager of ACT nationalist prosecutions, Shane Drumgold announced helium would not beryllium moving guardant with a retrial, citing autarkic aesculapian grounds that the hazard to Higgins was excessively great.

“While the pursuit of justness is indispensable for my bureau and for the assemblage successful general, the information of a complainant successful a intersexual battle substance indispensable beryllium paramount,” helium said connected Friday.

Drumgold besides gave an penetration into what Higgins had faced.

“During the probe and trial, arsenic a intersexual battle complainant, Ms Higgins has faced a level of idiosyncratic onslaught that I person not seen successful implicit 20 years of doing this work.

“She’s done truthful with bravery, grace and dignity, and it is my anticipation that this volition present stop.”

In her archetypal nationalist comments since Drumgold’s announcement, Higgins posted to her Instagram relationship the aforesaid connection she made extracurricular tribunal erstwhile the proceedings was aborted successful precocious October. She said her acquisition “is the world of however complainants successful intersexual battle cases are treated”.

“Their lives are torn apart, their families and friends called to the witnesser basal and the accused has the ineligible close to accidental perfectly nothing,” Higgins said successful a connection posted to her Instagram account.

Higgins referred to the statistic showing however fewer intersexual battle allegations made it to court, and however small of those resulted successful convictions.

“That is our nationalist shame,” she said, portion thanking “the different women who came guardant and shared their ain experiences”.

“I judge you. You were with maine each time I walked into that tribunal country and faced him.”

Higgins thanked her family, friends and partner, arsenic good arsenic “the radical of Australia who person rallied down me”.

“Most importantly, I privation to convey the workers successful our intelligence healthcare system, without whom, I virtually would not beryllium present today.”

With nary retrial, Lehrmann, who had pleaded not blameworthy to 1 complaint of intersexual intercourse without consent, retains the presumption of innocence. With nary imaginable of a retrial, helium remains guiltless of immoderate alleged rape of Higgins.

On Friday, Lehrmann was understood to beryllium taking immoderate clip to process the latest developments. He has not made an authoritative statement, but a person told the Guardian helium would beryllium seeking proposal connected “legal remedies” successful coming days.