Brother pays tribute to Bobbi-Anne McLeod after body found

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The member of an 18-year-old pistillate whose assemblage was recovered 3 days aft she went missing adjacent her location successful Devon has led the tributes to her, describing her arsenic “beautiful and talented”.

Police successful Plymouth launched a execution inquiry aft uncovering a assemblage believed to beryllium of Bobbi-Anne McLeod. Two men, aged 26, and 26, person been arrested.

A section MP said connected Wednesday the decease was different disturbing illustration of the “cultural occupation of unit against women”.

McLeod’s brother, Lee, 20, posted a representation connected Facebook of himself and his sister unneurotic arsenic children and wrote: “Until we conscionable again sis. I emotion you.

“You didn’t merit this. Such a beauteous and talented miss and to person you arsenic my small sister. The escapade and travel we had been connected volition ever beryllium treasured. Now spell remainder easy.”

Amanda Isaacs, a adjacent person and neighbour, besides paid tribute aft mounting up a GoFundMe page, which has already raised thousands of pounds for McLeod’s family.

She wrote: “She was a beauteous young miss lone aged 18 with her full beingness up of her. As you tin ideate her household are going done hell.

“She deserves the champion nonstop disconnected arsenic the beauteous miss she travel into this world. R.I.P slumber choky with nan and grandad. You’re with the angels now.”

McLeod had been owed to drawback a autobus into Plymouth metropolis centre to conscionable friends connected Saturday evening. She near her location successful Leigham astatine astir 6pm but did not arrive.

The assemblage was located adjacent Bovisand successful South Hams connected the southbound seashore of Devon, astir six miles from Plymouth, aft accusation was passed to the police.

Devon and Cornwall constabulary said connected Tuesday nighttime that ceremonial recognition had yet to beryllium carried out, but added that McLeod’s household had been informed of the improvement and were being supported by officers.

Police person been conducting searches and inquiries crossed Plymouth, supported by a helicopter. A Facebook leafage acceptable up to assistance find McLeod attracted much than 13,000 members. Friends and section residents joined searches of woods adjacent her location connected Monday and Tuesday.

Smeaton’s Tower, a lighthouse connected the waterfront volition beryllium lit purple connected Wednesday evening, drafting attraction to the maltreatment of women.

The Labour MP for Sutton and Devonport, Luke Pollard, said Britain has a taste occupation with unit against women.

He said: “I fishy determination volition beryllium radical successful our metropolis who volition privation to look again astatine what is happening successful the unit against women and girls area.

“We cognize that determination is excessively overmuch unit against women and girls. It is wholly unacceptable.

“We person a taste occupation close crossed Britain. We request to look astatine however we support everybody harmless successful Plymouth.”

Pollard referred to the Keyam shootings successful Plymouth successful August successful which 5 radical were gunned down by Jake Davison, 22, earlier helium turned the weapon connected himself.

The MP said: “It’s present 3 months since the Keyham shootings took spot and our metropolis was opening to heal and travel to presumption with the atrocious events that took spot successful August.”