Bucs fan squandered $500K ‘minimum’ by giving back milestone Tom Brady ball

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The Buccaneers seemingly had to instrumentality and woody with a instrumentality to get backmost Tom Brady’s historical 600th touchdown ball.

Brady made past successful Tampa’s Week 7 triumph implicit the Bears, with his 4th touchdown walk of the archetypal fractional – to wide receiver Mike Evans — making him the archetypal subordinate successful NFL past to propulsion 600 touchdown passes.

After Evans caught the 9-yard people to summation the Bucs’ pb to 21-0, helium ran implicit to a instrumentality wearing his No. 13 jersey and handed him the ball. It’s unclear if Evans knew the value of the moment, but helium gave a instrumentality a precise pricy souvenir.

Sports memorabilia adept Ken Goldin, laminitis of Goldin Auctions, wrote connected Twitter that Brady’s 600th vocation TD shot could beryllium worthy “minimum of $500,000.”

Ezra Levine, CEO of the sports memorabilia concern level Collectible, said the shot could beryllium worthy “easily $500,000-plus,” but “closer to $750,000.”

The outlet noted that successful June, the shot from Brady’s archetypal touchdown pass sold astatine auction for much than $428,000. Levine said that the 600th TD shot would merchantability for much wealth “given the historical accomplishment.” 

Brady reportedly requested that the instrumentality instrumentality the historical crippled ball, and video footage captured a subordinate of the Bucs’ unit negotiating to get it back.

Tom Brady shot  600th touchdownBucs wide receiver Mike Evans unknowingly gives distant Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown shot to a fan.USA TODAY Sports

“[The Tampa Bay official] gave him different crippled shot and promised him immoderate benignant of signed jersey,” CBS sideline newsman Tracy Wolfson said connected the broadcast.

Cowboys fable Tony Romo and sportscaster Jim Nantz joked connected the broadcast that the Bucs indispensable person offered “a million” oregon “a day with Gisele” Bundchen, Brady’s wife, successful a woody for the ball.

The fan, who was sitting successful the archetypal enactment down the extremity portion astatine Raymond James Stadium, was aboriginal identified by the Tampa Bay Times arsenic 29-year-old Byron Kennedy, a nonmigratory astatine Largo Medical Center successful Largo, Fla.

“I was hesitant to springiness it back. I knew however overmuch it meant to Tom and I was consenting to trade,” Kennedy said. The Florida autochthonal was seemingly told he’d beryllium talented immoderate Bucs gear.

St. Pete High alum Byron Kennedy (13) was fixed Brady’s 600th TD shot aft Mike Evans handed it to him. He gave it backmost (on Brady’s request). He’s present contiguous with buddy Riley Carvalis. Kennedy’s a nonmigratory astatine Largo Medical Center. Story to come. #Bucs@StPeteHighpic.twitter.com/FpNvtIOLnt

— Joey Knight (@TBTimes_Bulls) October 24, 2021

After the game, Brady confirmed helium got the shot backmost and teased the reward Kennedy volition receive.

“I don’t really support excessively galore things. In that condition I felt similar that mightiness beryllium a bully 1 to keep. He’s going to get thing bully successful return,” Brady said astir the fan. “We’ll springiness him a helmet, a mates of jerseys oregon something. That was truly chill of him to bash that.”

Brady aboriginal reflected connected the vocation milestone, calling it a “really cool” accomplishment.

“I got [the ball] successful the container implicit there. Mike gave it distant and said: ‘Man, I’m sorry.’ I said, that’s each right, I’m definite they’ll fig retired a mode to get it back,” helium recalled aft the 6-1 Bucs dominated the 3-4 Bears.

Brady shared a peculiar moment with different young instrumentality during that game, who held up a motion that read, “Tom Brady helped maine bushed encephalon cancer.” 

The seven-time Super Bowl champion noticed the sign, and ran implicit to the instrumentality to shingle his hand. Brady besides talented the young lad with a Bucs hat.