Budget 2021: key points at a glance

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Sunak’s opening remarks

Rishi Sunak says his fund delivers a stronger system for the British people: stronger growth, nationalist finances and employment. The chancellor says helium volition springiness radical the enactment they request with the outgo of surviving and levelling up.

He says the fund does not gully a enactment nether Covid, but does statesman the enactment of gathering an system post-pandemic.

“Let determination beryllium nary doubt: our program is working,” helium says.

Rowena Mason, lawman governmental editor: Sunak has adopted the premier minister’s claims that the UK needs to determination to a “new economical model” of higher wages and productivity. He is sounding decidedly similar a Johnsonian optimist, trumpeting amended than expected economical growth, alternatively focusing connected fiscal subject oregon balancing the books. He does, however, inject a enactment of caution astir the menace of inflation, portion insisting it is simply a planetary problem.


  • The chancellor says inflationary pressures are affecting the UK economy, with the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasting that ostentation volition mean 4% adjacent year.

  • He says the pressures are planetary successful quality and are “impossible for america to code alone”. However the authorities volition enactment to enactment households, helium says.

Rowena Mason, lawman governmental editor: Sunak says helium has written to the Bank of England re-emphasising its remit connected maintaining debased and unchangeable inflation, suggesting helium would not beryllium opposed if the autarkic assemblage decides to rise involvement rates.


  • The chancellor says forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) amusement the system volition turn by 6.5% this year.

  • Sunak says it volition instrumentality until the commencement of 2022 for the system to instrumentality to its pre-pandemic size.

  • GDP volition turn by 6% adjacent year, 2.1% successful 2023, 1.3% successful 2024, 1.6% successful 2025.

  • In March, the OBR had forecast maturation of 4% this year, pursuing a plunge of 9.9% successful 2020 – the worst recession for 300 years.

  • The OBR’s estimation for semipermanent scarring for the system has been revised down from 3% to 2%.

  • Unemployment is forecast to highest astatine 5.2%, down from a forecast for astir 12% forecast past year.