Budget allocates £2m to plan Beatles-inspired attraction in Liverpool

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A caller Beatles-inspired mega attraction connected Liverpool’s waterfront, secretly successful its readying stages since 2017, is to get a authorities currency injection of £2m.

The wealth was announced successful a fund which saw a blizzard of bluish England levelling up projects revealed, though immoderate eyebrows were raised that a important chunk was going to leafier suburbs alternatively than places with much pressing claims.

The wider depository and taste assemblage broadly welcomed measures which included 1 for taxation relief. The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, said helium was doubling taxation alleviation for theatres, orchestras, museums and galleries and it volition beryllium extended to March 2024, successful bid to assistance them rally aft the worst of times.

Money from the government’s much-vaunted levelling up money included £232m to 12 projects successful northbound westbound England; £187m to 10 projects successful Yorkshire and the Humber; and £100m to 5 projects successful the north-east England.

In the north-east the projects see reopening the Whorlton Bridge implicit the River Tees, the UK’s oldest suspension span which is 4 miles from Barnard Castle.

There was besides regeneration wealth for the arguably prosperous, leafy towns of Yarm and Eaglescliffe. Alex Cunningham, the Labour MP for Stockton North, said: “I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t person the wealth but determination are places similar Billingham which are successful acold greater request and they should person had wealth arsenic well.”

The Beatles attraction currency is fundamentally scoping wealth for a caller immersive acquisition which the metropolis authorities person been successful unpublicised talks astir for astatine slightest 3 years.

Claire McColgan, manager of civilization for Liverpool metropolis council, said it would overmuch much than a caller Beatles attraction. It would beryllium an tremendous and celebratory euphony hub which whitethorn person a caller secondary schoolhouse successful it, rehearsal abstraction for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and different euphony acquisition facilities.

She said: “It volition beryllium immense and it volition beryllium overmuch much than the Beatles.” The Fab Four volition beryllium the hook but “what we are truly excited astir is however this gets kids from the immoderate of the poorest areas of Liverpool to make and research their passionateness for music”.

The assembly is looking astatine 2 sites connected Liverpool’s waterfront for the development, which has a moving rubric of The Pool. How overmuch it costs and however agelong it takes to make – if the plans spell up – remains to beryllium seen. McColgan predicted 5-10 years, and was optimistic it would beryllium person to five.

Liverpool’s metro politician Steve Rotheram said it would not beryllium a stuffy museum. “It’s an immersive acquisition … we privation thing different than conscionable looking astatine aged artefacts, John Lennon’s underpants successful a solid case,” helium said. “We privation thing truly that radical volition beryllium attracted to.”

The task is getting Treasury wealth due to the fact that of the enactment fixed to it by the caller civilization secretary, Liverpool-born Nadine Dorries. “If thing personifies levelling up, it’s the communicative of the Beatles,” she said.

“This backing volition assistance unlock opportunities truthful that immoderate child, nary substance what country of Liverpool they travel from, oregon beyond, tin go the adjacent Lennon oregon McCartney.”

McColgan said the £2m would let those progressive to physique the lawsuit for The Pool and enactment retired however overmuch it would cost.