Budget promises fail to convince | Brief letters

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Your people header “Chancellor to onslaught bullish enactment successful budget” (Report, 26 October) contains a spelling mistake and a missing letter. Large amounts of the funds are recycled from erstwhile announcements and not caller wealth astatine all.
Adrian Quinn
Caldicot, Monmouthshire

Internal voices are hardly the “last caput mystery” (The past large enigma of the mind: conscionable the radical who person antithetic – oregon non-existent – interior voices, 25 October). Far much cardinal and intractable are the quality of “ideas” (a Greek invention) “from” somewhere, and, related but distinct, the (effortless, unconscious) externalisation of pre-linguistic “idea-material” to code and penning – without immoderate anterior intelligence voice.
Guy Dugdale

The occupation of earthy sewage being released successful UK rivers (Sewage ballot outcry prompts Tory MPs to support determination connected societal media, 25 October) is present truthful superior that individuals tin nary longer aquatics freely and safely; they conscionable spell done the motions.
Ian Worthington

My counter-counter-campaign to Michael Crapper’s proposition regarding the cryptic crossword contention (Letters, 26 October) asks that you don’t exclude readers who don’t person entree to the internet. I should add, obviously, that I americium not asking for myself. It is lone for the payment of those who don’t implicit the crossword.
Nigel Gann
Lichfield, Staffordshire

Re supermarkets utilizing pictures of effect and veg to fell gaps connected the shelves (Report, 22 October), tin they number towards my 5 a day?
Mark Green
Palma de Mallorca, Spain