Builder Offers Diverse New Home Choices in Sought-After GTA Locations

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For much than 2 decades, award-winning Caliber Homes has established a estimation for excellence, owed to the craftsmanship and superior plan of the caller homes it has built crossed the GTA.

In 2019, Caliber is successful tune with the trends caller buyers are embracing with divers merchandise offerings, including right-sized luxury homes and stacked and accepted townhomes, successful coveted locations. Watch for breathtaking launches from Caliber coming soon to Brampton, Toronto, Kleinburg, Aurora, and Richmond Hill, each with proximity to convenient proscription and extended amenities.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy Caliber Homes)

“Our president Danny DiMeo chooses locations wherever things are happening, that are adjacent to amenities for convenient and applicable living,” says Melinda Masucci, task manager for Caliber Homes.

Brampton, good situated betwixt Mississauga and Woodbridge, is booming but remains 1 of the GTA’s astir affordable communities. Caliber volition beryllium a bully prime of lodging merchandise to the marketplace here, including The Towns astatine Goreway Pines, a assemblage of stacked townhouses that volition entreaty to first-time buyers looking to participate the market.  Another Caliber project, Spring Valley Estates, volition cater to buyers seeking luxury detached living, with homes from 2,760 to 4,210 quadrate feet connected 38, 41 and 50-foot ravine lots.

Belmont Residences successful the Islington-Muir neighbourhood, wherever Toronto meets Vaughan, volition entreaty to downsizers arsenic good arsenic first-time buyers with a enactment of townhouse and semi-detached homes. The location, successful an established neighbourhood, is successful adjacent proximity to each large highways, the Vaughan Mills buying mall, the Woodbine Centre, and has plentifulness of cafes and pubs successful the contiguous neighbourhood.

One of the astir prestigious communities successful the GTA is historical Kleinburg (a colony successful the City of Vaughan), with charming small-town entreaty acknowledgment to its charming cafes, boutique shops and the celebrated McMichael Art Gallery. Caliber was among the builders that brought the luxurious Kleinburg Crown Estates to the colony wherever stately homes beryllium connected 70-foot tons successful a ravine setting.

There volition beryllium 70-foot tons inactive available, but a Phase 3 hold volition bring caller location designs and 40 ft tons for buyers who privation upscale homes but don’t privation the upkeep of a ample portion of property, reflecting the increasing appetite for luxury connected a smaller scale. Standard features and finishes volition beryllium of exceptional quality, acold beyond what is usually offered successful the market. Caliber volition besides accommodate purchaser requests for structural changes to let them to genuinely marque their homes their own. There are immoderate inventory homes inactive disposable astatine Kleinburg Crown Estates Phase 3 and income for the newest designs and tons are open.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy Caliber Homes)

Caliber Homes volition beryllium bringing smaller standard luxury successful a antithetic signifier to the Uplands of Swan Lake successful Richmond Hill, wherever 46 three-storey townhomes and semis volition beryllium tiny gems, with superb finishes and fantabulous craftsmanship. The towns volition person chromatic and ceramic facades, elevators, two-car tandem garages, hardwood floors passim and state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms. The Richmond Hill determination allows transportation to quality arsenic it is adjacent to parks, trails, Swan Lake and its Outdoor Education Centre. Highway 401 is adjacent by, arsenic good arsenic galore amenities including buying and restaurants.

Aurora is different fashionable assemblage northbound of Toronto and Caliber Homes’ Silhouette Towns volition bring modern stacked townhouse surviving steps distant from the beauteous downtown with its location design, art, floral, and jewellery stores, arsenic good arsenic cafes, restaurants, spas, and salons. It’s besides the tract of the fashionable Aurora Farmer’s Market that operates Saturdays from May to October astatine the Aurora Town Park.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy Caliber Homes)

The stacked towns volition beryllium successful 2 buildings successful the bosom of Aurora and residents volition beryllium capable to locomotion to the GO presumption and volition beryllium successful the midst of an amenity affluent area. The towns volition person rooftop terraces for owners to bask idiosyncratic outdoor space.

The Silhouette Towns volition beryllium charismatic to a assortment of buyers who privation to bask the downtown surviving acquisition and don’t privation to beryllium successful a condo tower. The towns supply a detached surviving consciousness and supply the accidental for radical to cognize their neighbours.

Chinese buyers correspond an important portion of Caliber Homes’ clientele. The luxury homes successful Kleinburg person proven fashionable with Asian end-user buyers and Richmond Hill is besides a determination that resounds with this group. Caliber’s offerings successful Brampton and astatine Islington-Muir volition beryllium of involvement to Chinese capitalist buyers.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy Caliber Homes)

In its 2 decades successful business, Caliber Homes has constructed homes distinguished by their quality and prime that are comfy to unrecorded in. This builder has been nominated for Top Home Builder successful Vaughan for 2019. For much accusation astir Caliber Homes and its existent and coming communities, sojourn

Tracy Hanes is simply a GTA existent property writer.

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