California Gov. Newsom Addresses Speculation of Potential 2024 Run

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom talked astir his program for 2024 precocious during an interrogation with Politico, arsenic speculation circulated that helium volition run.

Newsom, 55, reportedly told the White House that helium volition not situation President Joe Biden successful 2024 if the second decided to bid for reelection.

“I’ve told everyone successful the White House, from the main of unit to the archetypal lady,” helium said during the interview, which took spot connected midterm predetermination night.

He besides reportedly told the White House that helium vehemently supports Biden’s reelection.

He insisted that helium would not tally adjacent if Biden didn’t tally successful 2024.

The Golden State politician said that helium would not situation Biden due to the fact that infighting successful the Democratic Party volition wounded the chances of the enactment candidate’s winning successful 2024, particularly against 2 imaginable Republican candidates: erstwhile President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Won Reelection by Narrower Margin

Newsom conscionable won different 4 years arsenic California’s politician successful the midterm elections.

Though portrayed arsenic a rising prima successful the Democratic Party by immoderate media, Newsom seemingly is losing steam successful the solidly bluish state.

He got 57.9 percent, oregon 3.2 cardinal votes, successful the midterm. Brian Dahle, his Republican challenger, had 42.1 percent, oregon 2.3 million.

Epoch Times Photo Republican gubernatorial campaigner authorities Sen. Brian Dahle poses astatine the authorities Capitol successful Sacramento, Calif., connected Sept. 28, 2022. (Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo)

In the 2018 gubernatorial race, helium won by a overmuch larger borderline with 61.9 percent and 7.7 cardinal votes.

Midterm predetermination information shows respective factors acted successful disfavor of the Democratic Party, American Enterprise Institute elder chap Emeritus Michael Barone wrote successful an analysis.

Turnout worked against Democrats due to the fact that it went down successful large cities overmuch much than successful the suburbs. At the aforesaid time, accepted Democratic groups including Hispanic and Asian voters became little Democratic, helium said.

Republicans Win House by 3.3 Million Votes

According to information compiled by the Cook Political Report, Republican House candidates received implicit 3.3 cardinal much fashionable votes than their Democratic counterparts successful the midterm elections.

Out of the full 106.6 cardinal votes, Republicans bushed Democrats with an vantage of 50.8 percent to 47.7.

Epoch Times Photo House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks astatine the Republican Jewish Coalition yearly enactment gathering successful Las Vegas, Nev., connected Nov. 19, 2022. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Charlie Cook, laminitis of the Cook Political Report, wrote connected Nov. 14 that the Republican Party—with a 4.9 percent constituent vantage astatine that time—would usually summation 20–30 seats successful the House, but didn’t summation arsenic galore seats arsenic anticipated.

“Simply put, Republicans picked up the votes they needed, conscionable not wherever they needed them most. Clearly thing oregon idiosyncratic intervened, affecting the result of the predetermination successful the places that mattered,” helium wrote.

Barone believes advances successful the fashionable votes didn’t springiness the Republican Party much seats due to the fact that of redistricting, and Republican voters are much concentrated than before.

However, the vantage successful fashionable votes indicates the Republican Party could person a hopeful 2024.

“Republican House candidates won 58 percent of the fashionable ballot successful the South and 53 percent successful the Midwest, 2 regions that unneurotic relationship for 298 of the 538 electoral votes. Duplicating that enactment is 1 mode an unproblematic Republican nominee could apical 270 electoral votes successful 2024,” helium wrote.

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