Can Buying American Fix Broken Economy; Biden Policies Magnet for Migrants

11 months ago 101

Consumer bully shortages, higher prices, and instrumentality vessel chaos astatine California’s ports—all are symptoms of breached proviso chains. So what if much goods were made successful America? Would that hole the problem? We find retired from writer James Stuber, who studies these questions successful his book, “What if Things Were Made successful America Again.”

And successful America Q&A we inquire if you’ve been impacted by delays oregon shortages successful your mundane life.

Then, arsenic different migrant caravan heads to the U.S.-Mexico border, it’s unclear what the Biden medication volition do. So acold the absorption connected basal causes of illegal immigration are having small impact. We speech to Steve Hecht, writer and businessman successful Guatemala, who points retired the propulsion factors successful U.S. migration policy.

Finally, successful our 2nd America Q&A, we ask: Do you hold with denying aesculapian attraction to the unvaccinated?

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