Can California Be Saved? Part 2

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In Part 1 of this series, I covered 3 chapters successful the important caller book, “Saving California: Solutions to the state’s biggest argumentation problems.” It’s edited by Steven Greenhut for the Pacific Research Institute (PRI). The publication is important due to the fact that it’s the champion starting spot for moving done the main problems afflicting the state. I’ll screen 4 much chapters here. As before, I’ll stress solutions to hole the problems.

Adrian Moore: Decongesting Our Roads and Freeways

During the worst days of the pandemic successful 2020, the roads were astir wide of vehicles. That gave those who ventured extracurricular their homes a accidental to spot what the state’s road strategy was expected to beryllium similar erstwhile it was designed. Traffic moved smoothly, astir effortlessly. Then the lockdown was gradually lifted and it was backmost to gridlock arsenic usual.

Current vice president of the Reason Foundation, Adrian Moore, was portion of the California Performance Review installed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its last study successful 2004 projected 2,500 pages of changes to amended the state, portion saving $32 cardinal implicit 5 years. Unfortunately, astir thing came of it. I was capable to get to cognize Moore erstwhile penning astir the effort for the Orange County Register editorial page.

You don’t request a study to cognize California’s roads, freeways, and bridges stay successful atrocious shape. Just cheque your measure with the shock-absorber repair shop. Moore tallies however authorities spending connected infrastructure has astir doubled the past decade, from $86 cardinal to $164 billion. “Yet the state’s infrastructure got worse, due to the fact that the authorities squanders what it spends, paying excessively overmuch for everything, pumping billions into foolish and marginal projects, wasting immense sums connected overhead and administration, and conscionable getting unspeakable bang for the buck.”

What astir the $5 cardinal yearly state taxation the legislature passed successful 2017, turbocharging authorities state taxes to the highest successful the nation? “The roads person not approved 1 whit.” During my caller travel to Arizona, which I reported here astatine The Epoch Times, state was a subordinate a gallon little retired successful the desert. I made definite I filled up connected the borderline conscionable earlier returning to California.

How to hole the roads and different infrastructure? Moore recommends:

1. Make infrastructure a priority. It seems obvious, but isn’t being done. “State policymakers indispensable enactment infrastructure connected the beforehand burner and support it determination for years to guarantee the resources spent are yielding results.” I would adhd that specified reforms particularly would trim the agelong commutes borne mostly by mediocre workers, who often unrecorded an hr oregon much from their places of enactment due to the fact that of the precocious lodging costs covered successful Part 1 of this review.

2. Prioritize projects based connected interaction and benefits. An evident change: Cancel the wasteful high-speed obstruction boondoggle. The estimation present is arsenic precocious arsenic $100 billion, of which $15 cardinal already has been blown. Use the saved wealth for much roads.

Moore besides gives operation advice: “Each bureau liable for infrastructure should person an Asset Management Plan.” Doing truthful would allocate scarce resources to the projects astir needed.

3. Address governmental and absorption barriers. The permitting process successful peculiar has go ludicrously bureaucratic. Mandates for national workers should beryllium canceled to let contention from backstage firms, reducing costs.

4. Focus connected the semipermanent beingness rhythm of projects. Crucially, the task should instrumentality into relationship aboriginal attraction costs, thing often neglected.

5. Use public-private partnerships. “Companies would beryllium thrilled to physique airports, sewers, roads and different infrastructure successful California.”

Steven Greenhut: Dealing with Drought

Book exertion Steven Greenhut besides writes this section connected the state’s perennial conflict to get capable water. Last twelvemonth helium wrote a afloat publication connected the subject, “Winning the Water Wars.” He notes a six-year drought ended 4 years ago. And present we’re opening a caller drought, which could beryllium adjacent much severe. “Yet its accomplishment seems to person taken California policymakers by surprise.”

A caller $5.1 cardinal bundle of remedies by Gov. Gavin Newsom was for short-term relief. It didn’t incorporate overmuch for semipermanent mitigation.

Here’s the key: “California really receives capable h2o done rain, snowpack and groundwater to afloat conscionable the needs of its still-growing population.” He’s assuming, correctly, the caller dip successful California’s colonisation volition not past long, with the fig going up again. Total municipality h2o usage by the populace comprises conscionable 10 percent of authorities h2o usage.

He quotes Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Roseville: “Droughts are nature’s fault. They happen. But h2o shortages are our fault. They are a prime we made erstwhile we stopped gathering capable retention to conscionable the needs of the adjacent generation.”

Greenhut recommends an “all of the above” attack to h2o policy.

1. Build much proviso and retention of each kinds, including “increasing aboveground retention capableness … gathering water desalination plants … commissioning wastewater recycling facilities.”

2. Adopt much close h2o pricing systems that incentivize conservation and due h2o transportation crossed this gigantic state. Doing truthful would discourage specified things arsenic increasing water-intensive crops successful the Mojave desert. “As always, the marketplace works wonders provided subsidies don’t distort the terms signals and the authorities doesn’t go excessively overmuch of an impediment done burdensome oregon antiquated regulations.”

3. Fix the arguable Delta Conveyance System done the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley. Gov. Jerry Brown sought Twin Tunnels to lick the problem. Newsom reduced that to 1 tunnel. It’s expected to prevention the environment, portion providing h2o to farmers and others.

Greenhut judges Newsom’s program arsenic “reasonable enough, but it doesn’t bash the 1 happening California needs most: importantly amended the state’s h2o infrastructure and program for a aboriginal of abundance.”

Lance Izumi: A Return to Educational Excellence

The Pacific Research Institute’s Lance Izumi is California’s premier acquisition scholar. He’s been a root of excavation present for much than 25 years. He begins with the dismal quality I’ve reported, and you’ve astir apt heard, excessively galore times.

On the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), 49 percent of students tested failed to marque grade-level standards. For math, it was 60 percent who failed.

For low-income students, it was 61 percent who failed the English standards and 73 percent the mathematics standards. For Latino students, 59 percent failed English and 79 percent math. For African-American students, 67 percent failed English and 79 percent failed math.

These are unspeakable tragedies for the miseducated students, what’s called the “achievement gap” with Asian and achromatic students. But we shouldn’t place however California can’t perchance proceed competing not lone nationally but globally with specified mediocre results.

If California’s nationalist schools strategy were a corporation, it would person gone bankrupt agelong ago. Yet it continues and gets much backing each twelvemonth – adjacent arsenic teachers and unions gripe it’s underfunded. Yet states specified arsenic Utah and Texas, with acold little backing per pupil, execute overmuch better.

What tin beryllium done? The main occupation is there’s small competition. And there’s nary “merit pay,” meaning the champion teachers are not rewarded if they transportation to the worst schools. Why should they?

Izumi advances immoderate indispensable reforms if California is going to reconstruct the world-class estimation for acquisition excellence it erstwhile had.

1. More charter schools. On the CAASPP exam, helium writes, “Latino and African-American charter-school students are person to reaching grade-level standards than their regular public-school peers.” (It should beryllium noted charters are nationalist schools, but exempt from astir of the rigamarole of the authorities Education Code.) In Los Angeles, charter schools performed amended “across each measured subgroup.” The aforesaid was existent successful Oakland.

2. Curb national power. In caller years, the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers person launched attacks connected charters. That evidently has to end. “While the CTA is the highest spending lobby successful Sacramento, galore rank-and-file teachers bash not enactment each the positions of the union.”

3. Education Savings Accounts. A caller programme successful West Virginia lets parents usage 100 percent of authorities acquisition dollars, successful their lawsuit $4,600 per year, for backstage schoolhouse tuition, location schooling, oregon different uses—to which parents tin adhd their ain funds.

4. Stop wasting hours and dollars connected specified foolishness arsenic the caller measure imposing Critical Race Theory indoctrination adjacent connected charter schoolhouse students.

Something has to beryllium done earlier California wastes the futures of different procreation of schoolchildren.

Pat Nolan: Arresting California’s Crime Problem

When I came to the Orange County Register successful 1987 to constitute connected California politics, a promising young Republican person was Pat Nolan, the Assembly number leader. I retrieve gathering with him successful our offices successful Santa Ana.

Then helium was caught successful an FBI sting cognition aboriginal called Shrimpscam. He pleaded blameworthy to 1 number of racketeering and went to national prison. Much similar the precocious Chuck Colson, helium did his time, past utilized his abilities for corrections betterment and helping those incarcerated. He was pardoned successful 2019 by President Trump.

In Nolan’s chapter, helium archetypal notes the “California authorities is failing to support its people.” Crime is rising. Homicides successful 2020 jumped 27 percent statewide, to 2,300. In 2021, it’s worse, with homicides up 40 percent much successful Los Angeles and 36 percent successful Oakland.

Was it the pandemic? Nolan notes murders really dropped successful England, France, Italy, Japan, and Mexico.

Part of the blasted helium puts connected “woke” prosecutors, specified arsenic Chesa Boudin successful San Francisco and George Gascon successful Los Angeles. “On taking office, each announced a agelong database of crimes they volition nary longer prosecute. What arrogance. In doing this, they usurped the law relation of the Legislature successful deciding what is simply a transgression and what isn’t.”

Nolan says it’s peculiarly achy for him to spot these “charlatans masquerade arsenic transgression justness reformers. I person worked to betterment the justness strategy for the past 25 years. I was instrumental successful the transition of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, the Fair Sentencing Act, the Second Chance Act and the First Step Act. I cognize a phony erstwhile I spot one, and these ‘woke’ prosecutors are arsenic bogus arsenic that Rolex ticker you bought from a thoroughfare vendor connected the streets of New York.”

Nolan laments the mediocre occupation done by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which produces a 50 percent recidivism complaint wrong 5 years. Hardened criminals are fto retired lone to perpetrate much crimes.

What is to beryllium done?

1. Help the victims, who “should beryllium progressive successful each stages of the justness process, and the strategy should clasp offenders accountable to repair the harm they did to the victim. To beryllium meaningful, restitution should beryllium paid straight by the offender” to the victim. Instead, the existent strategy charges the offender a level fee, which is enactment into a wide money for victims. “This is simply a strategy designed by politicians for politicians.”

2. Prisons decidedly are needed to support the worst offenders disconnected the streets. The inmates request to beryllium amended prepared for erstwhile they leave.

3. Inmates with addictions request treatment.

4. Don’t fastener up the non-serious mentally ill. “They are sick, not bad.” I addressed this successful Part 1 of my reappraisal successful the conception connected helping the homeless.

5. Prisoners should person entree to faith-based programs. “Yet, galore prisons marque it hard for spiritual volunteers to enactment with inmates,” adjacent though it’s good known religion tin assistance them reform. The crushed is not animus toward religion, but having to bash much paperwork.

6. Parole violations indispensable person consequences.

7. Focus parole officers connected inmates who airs the top threats.

8. Make situation safer for staff, volunteers and inmates.

9. Sentences should lucifer the severity of the crime.

10. Volunteers connection thing authorities cannot. “Having a good, motivation idiosyncratic to assistance offenders deliberation done the decisions that face them arsenic they permission situation makes a immense quality successful whether they tin enactment retired of occupation and go contributing members of the community.”

Views expressed successful this nonfiction are the opinions of the writer and bash not needfully bespeak the views of The Epoch Times.

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John Seiler is simply a seasoned California sentiment writer. He has written editorials for The Orange County Register for astir 30 years. He is simply a U.S. Army seasoned and erstwhile property caput to California State Sen. John Moorlach. He blogs astatine [email protected]