Can covering a Guns N’ Roses classic un-cancel Lea Michele?

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Lea Michele’s quality connected “The Kelly Clarkson Show” mightiness person been an effort astatine rectifying her tarnished image.

Her heartfelt show of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” connected Wednesday contrasted with her alleged on-set behavior, arsenic claimed by erstwhile co-stars.

The erstwhile “Glee” prima was canceled past year aft a slew of now-deleted tweets were posted by erstwhile co-star Samantha Ware, who accused her of toxic behavior.

Ware, 30, said Michele, 35, made moving on-set a “living hell” and suggested that the histrion contributed to “traumatic microaggressions” off-screen, adjacent claiming that Michele threatened her job.

“Lea’s actions were thing new, truthful I conjecture since it was specified a communal thing, my lawsuit didn’t look similar that large of a deal,” Ware told Variety successful 2020.

Michele’s re-emergence connected Clarkson’s speech amusement was her archetypal large quality since the controversy, and she kept the speech light, chatting astir her 14-month-old son, Ever, with impermanent big Jay Leno, who reminisced astir her quality connected “The Tonight Show” years agone erstwhile she was conscionable a “child.”

“Now I person a child,” Michele joked successful response.

Lea Michele connected  the Kelly Clarkson ShowLea Michele performed a Guns N’ Roses screen connected “The Kelly Clarkson Show” connected Wednesday.The Kelly Clarkson Show

As for her Guns N’ Roses cover, fans took to the comments conception to stock their opinions of the show — which were mostly positive.

Commenters said her dependable sounded “beautiful” and “gorgeous,” portion others chimed successful that they were delighted to spot her instrumentality to the signifier to sing aft a hiatus.

“I americium precise blessed that she has returned to sing, I missed her dependable a lot,” wrote spectator Yazmin Paz.

“Only cognize her (and) her sanction done past controversies from formed mates, but this was a beauteous rendition,” commented 1 viewer. “I anticipation truthful overmuch that she learned thing from the controversy,” wrote different user, Wendy Brown. “I judge successful 2nd chances. She has specified talent.”

Some viewers complimented her show  arsenic  "beautiful" and "gorgeous."Some viewers complimented her show arsenic “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”The Kelly Clarkson Show

One sofa critic, meanwhile, slammed her rendition arsenic “f–king horrible” via Twitter.

For others, though, it whitethorn beryllium hard to hide immoderate of Michele’s alleged darker past.

Former co-star Heather Morris joined successful connected the allegations against her, saying the formed was “scared” to study the behavior.

“I know, genuinely, I didn’t consciousness similar it was my place,” Morris, 34, told Entertainment Weekly. “And I don’t cognize why, due to the fact that I was a formed subordinate conscionable similar everybody else, and we each merit to consciousness comfy connected a set.”

Michele apologized successful the aftermath of the accusations and aft losing a concern deal with Hello Fresh, saying she had a “wake up call.”

Lea MicheleThe erstwhile “Glee” prima made an quality connected the speech amusement with impermanent big Jay Leno.The Kelly Clarkson Show