Can you use a pasta strainer instead of a hairdryer diffuser?

3 months ago 30

The hack
Using a metallic pasta strainer successful spot of a diffuser to make waves and curls.

The test
Many societal media quality hacks are really nonrecreational techniques transferred to a integer level oregon are truthful ludicrous that they’re evidently designed to spell viral successful pursuit of fame. But this one could – perchance – beryllium that rare, weird hack that is really beauteous utile for anyone with curls oregon waves.

TikTokker Liz Fox Roseberry (@foxcraftcustom) takes a metallic pasta strainer, tips her caput forward, puts her hairsbreadth successful the strainer and stroke dries her hairsbreadth from underneath.

The strainer acts similar a diffuser attachment connected a hairdryer would: keeping the curl patterns tight, and letting the vigor diffuse, drying the hairsbreadth much evenly than the regular nozzle.

I did precisely that with my metallic strainer and it was decidedly quicker than a diffuser would person been. But I besides noticed that it got incredibly hot. Diffusers are usually plastic, whereas the strainer is metallic and truthful conducts vigor much rapidly – truthful I mightiness besides beryllium damaging my hair.

The verdict
Try it – but support the vigor down low, and usage a heat-protecting spray. You mightiness besides privation to put successful a abstracted quality strainer – oregon your angel hairsbreadth pasta crockery mightiness instrumentality connected a full caller meaning.