Canada container ship fire: ‘bomb cyclone’ storm may hinder effort to assess damage

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Emergency crews person mostly contained a chemic occurrence aboard a instrumentality vessel anchored disconnected occidental Canada, but warned a looming “bomb cyclone” tempest could complicate efforts to afloat measure harm to the vessel and surrounding marine ecosystem.

The blaze broke retired connected Saturday aboard the MV Zim Kingston, a freighter vessel carrying mining chemicals, including potassium amylxanthate – a hazardous substance utilized to assistance abstracted ores.

Sixteen unit members were evacuated, portion 5 remained onboard to combat the fire.

Because h2o could not beryllium utilized to onslaught the flames, teams sprayed acold h2o connected the ship to support it chill and forestall the occurrence from spreading to different containers.

By Sunday, the blaze had go a smoulder and astatine slightest 10 containers were afloat burned through.

“We can’t spot immoderate scorching oregon charring of those adjacent containers. That’s a truly bully sign,” commandant JJ Brickett told reporters. “The occurrence is smouldering arsenic you would expect, and we’re continuing to chill connected either side.”

But the Canadian seashore defender warned it would not instantly beryllium capable to measure the afloat scope of harm to the vessel and surrounding marine ecosystem. The portion was besides owed for a “bomb cyclone” storm, with rainfall and upwind gusts predicted to transcend 70km/h (43mph).

“In the improbable lawsuit that she does determination her anchor, we person galore salvage tugs … and determination are precautions made onboard truthful that tow tin efficaciously beryllium made precise rapidly,” said Brickett, adding that ships were adjacent to show the vessel.

All vessels had been ordered to support astatine slightest 2 nautical miles distant from the vessel and craft were barred from flying little than 2 nautical miles overhead.

The ship, which was anchored 8 kilometres (five miles) disconnected the seashore of Victoria, besides mislaid an estimated 40 containers earlier this week pursuing what the institution said were “very dense upwind conditions”.

US seashore defender officials warned that floating containers posed a menace to different ships. Some of the metallic containers, painted acheronian blue, were hard to spot amid the choppy acheronian waters.

The Canadian seashore defender said it had reached retired to coastal First Nations communities to assistance successful the betterment efforts for the mislaid cargo – immoderate of which could besides clasp hazardous worldly – but immoderate betterment volition person to hold until the tempest subsides.