Canada mass stabbing suspect’s brother was victim not accomplice, police say

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Canadian constabulary person concluded that Myles Sanderson, who led officers connected a multi-day manhunt aft a wide stabbing past month, was liable for each 11 deaths – including that of his brother.

Officers initially named Sanderson’s member Damien arsenic a fishy successful the stabbings successful James Smith Cree Nation and the adjacent municipality of Weldon, Saskatchewan.

But connected Tuesday the commanding serviceman of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police successful the state told reporters they had concluded Damien was a unfortunate who played nary portion successful the killings.

“Myles Sanderson committed each of the homicides alone,” said Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore.

After his deadly rampage, successful which 18 radical were besides injured connected 4 September, Myles Sanderson, evaded an intensive hunt for 4 days until helium was captured by constabulary pursuing a high-speed pursuit adjacent the metropolis of Saskatoon.

Sanderson past went into what constabulary described arsenic “medical distress” and died successful custody soon after.

Damien Sanderson was initially charged with 1 number of first-degree murder, 1 number of attempted execution and 1 number of breaking and entering successful transportation to the wide stabbing.

Police said connected Thursday each charges had been withdrawn by the Crown pursuing the deaths of Myles and Damien, according to RCMP.

Damien’s assemblage was recovered successful a grassy country connected James Smith Cree Nation connected 5 September. Police said astatine the clip they did not judge his wounds were self-inflicted.

“The Saskatchewan RCMP believes it is important to clarify Damien’s engagement successful the series of these events to show our continued committedness to transparency to the victims and the families of those affected and to the public,” said Blackmore.

Also connected Thursday the Parole Board of Canada and Correctional Service of Canada announced they would make a associated committee to analyse Myles Sanderson’s merchandise from national custody.

Sanderson, who was serving a astir five-year condemnation for assault, robbery, mischief and uttering threats, and had a agelong past of violence, was granted statutory merchandise successful August 2021.

After failing to stay successful interaction with his parole officer, Crime Stoppers issued an alert successful May that Sanderson was “unlawfully astatine large”.

The recently created committee volition analyse whether policies and protocols were correctly followed during Sanderson’s merchandise from national custody and volition marque recommendations oregon suggest corrective measures if necessary.