Cancún tourists rush to shelter as armed gang reportedly storm luxury hotel

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Staff and tourists successful the Mexican edifice metropolis of Cancún person rushed for structure amid reports that a radical of equipped men had entered a luxury edifice and abducted astatine slightest 1 person, according to a torrent of hopeless societal media posts.

The US embassy successful Mexico City said it was investigating reports that astir 8 gunmen with rifles had entered the Hyatt Ziva edifice from the beach, and seized astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic earlier fleeing by boat.

“Men with guns stormed the formation and started shooting,” tweeted 1 guest. “Please dispersed the connection and get assistance connected this. I person nary thought what to do.”


A idiosyncratic answering the telephone astatine the edifice said she was unaware of immoderate incidents astatine the site. A Hyatt spokesperson didn’t respond to a petition for comment.

Another impermanent astatine the edifice tweeted: “All guests and employees were told to duck and we’re being taken to hiding places.”

He confirmed successful a DM to the Guardian helium was “hiding successful a acheronian room”. He aboriginal tweeted that emotionally shaken guests had travel retired of hiding.

Some of the guests shared stories of “playing volleyball connected the beach, gunman approached firing gun. Everyone ran from formation and swimming pools.”

The incidental comes days aft a Californian question blogger and a German tourer were killed at a edifice successful the adjacent each edifice of Tulum during a shootout betwixt suspected pack members.

More details soon…