Candidates Opposing Critical Race Theory, COVID-19 Mandates Win Minnesota School Board Races

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Minnesota has seen successful the latest school board elections a fig of wins by candidates opposing critical contention theory and COVID-19 restrictions, including successful areas that traditionally ballot Democrats.

In Anoka-Hennepin, Minnesota’s largest schoolhouse territory serving immoderate 38,000 students and 248,000 residents, Matt Audette won by a borderline of implicit 30 percent. The lone cardinal contented connected Audette’s run website is preventing the infiltration of CRT, which helium said divides students based connected their tegument colour and teaches that the astir important facet of their humanity is not their character, morality, oregon actions, but their race.

While CRT is not incorporated arsenic portion of the program successful Anoka-Hennepin schools, the territory has partnered with the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center, an enactment that promotes “anti-racism education” to analyse and code expected “systemic racism” and inequity. “The schoolhouse territory did instrumentality a side, and they are siding with CRT,” Audette warned. “The usage of this equity investigation successful our schools volition impact unit development, and it volition yet get into the classrooms.”

Instead of teaching “concepts of part and guilt” derived from CRT, Audette said helium supports teaching astir not lone racism, but besides achievements and successes successful radical equality successful the past of the United States. He besides supports giving parents “complete access” to program connected demand.

A peculiar one-year spot connected the Alexandria School Board went to Maureen Eigen, who said successful October that she opposes CRT due to the fact that it “does not empower students of color” and “furthers segregation.”

“I don’t reason CRT due to the fact that of immoderate governmental agenda. I reason it due to the fact that it’s not right,” she added.

In Lakeville, Cinta Schmitz narrowly won a peculiar predetermination for an unfastened schoolhouse committee seat. A co-founder of section parental radical “Informed Fully-Awake Parents,” Schmitz ran connected a level of allowing parents to marque decisions for their kids erstwhile it comes to wearing masks and receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

“Keep divisive policies that thatch racism and intolerance of radical with antithetic taste backgrounds oregon tegument colors—whether it’s called CRT oregon immoderate different equity-related term—out of our schools,” her run website reads.

The Minnesota wins could beryllium suggesting a nationwide trend, too, according to the 1776 Project PAC, a governmental enactment radical with the purpose to combat CRT successful K–12 acquisition and assistance elite conservatives to schoolhouse boards successful the United States. The PAC reports that arsenic of Wednesday, 44 of the 58 candidates it endorsed person either won oregon are starring successful their schoolhouse committee races.

The 44 candidates backed by the PAC see 13 successful Pennsylvania, with 4 of them sweeping seats successful Perkiomen Valley School District, which serves the almighty Democratic bastion of Montgomery County. Also among them are 11 successful Colorado, 9 successful Kansas, 4 successful New Jersey, 3 successful Virginia, and 2 each successful Minnesota and Ohio.

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