Cape Code estate of Bunny Mellon, known as Scallop Path, sold for $19M

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The Cape Cod property successful Massachusetts, formerly owned by socialite Rachel “Bunny” Lambert Mellon, has been sold for $19 million. 

Mellon, who passed distant successful 2014 astatine the large property of 103, was famously known for her significantly designed gardens, including her astir heralded 1962 instauration of the White House Rose Garden. The Rose Garden would spell connected to go a spot wherever President John F. Kennedy — and presidents aft him — hosted important events. 

After astir 4 months connected the marketplace for the listing terms of $19.8 cardinal the Osteville, which included immoderate of the past gardens designed by Mellon, recovered a buyer. 

The property is located connected the backstage island of Oyster Harbors, overlooking Nantucket Sound and Martha’s Vineyard. Situated connected implicit 7 acres, it is besides known arsenic 1 of Cape Cod’s archetypal homes. 

A 350 twelvemonth aged house, the main spot consists of 7 bedrooms and 5 afloat baths with 270 degrees of h2o views, the listing states. 

The main   location   holds 7  bedrooms and 5  afloat  baths.The main location sits connected a spot spanning astir 6,000 quadrate feet and holds 7 bedrooms and 5 afloat baths.Courtesy of Robert Paul Properti
The astir   notable features of the homes are the respective  types of gardens, designed by Bunny Mellon earlier  her passing.The astir notable features of the homes are the respective types of gardens, designed by Bunny Mellon earlier her passing. Courtesy of Robert Paul Properti
The ceremonial  surviving  room.The ceremonial surviving room. Courtesy of Robert Paul Properti
The ceremonial  eating  room.The ceremonial eating room. Courtesy of Robert Paul Properti

Zenas Crocker of Robet Paul Properties held the listing. 

“A household that’s been successful the country for a mates of generations purchased the property. As acold arsenic we know, their volition is to support it arsenic the historical spot it is and has ever been,” Crocker told the Cape Cod Times successful an interview.

Crocker would not uncover who the buyers were, lone that they had several different Cape properties and are highly private. 

This undated photograph  provided by Sotheby's done  the courtesy of the property  of Mrs. Paul Mellon shows Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, a noted horticulturist, philanthropist and Listerine luck  heir, with her hubby  and philanthropist Paul Mellon. Some 2,000 items from the property  volition  beryllium  sold by Sotheby's successful  November successful  respective  income  that could recognize  much  than $100 million.This undated photograph provided by Sotheby’s done the courtesy of the property of Mrs. Paul Mellon shows Rachel “Bunny” Mellon with her hubby and philanthropist Paul Mellon.AP

The property formerly belonged to Mellon’s grandson Thomas Lloyd, who made the determination to merchantability the home. “My grandma began a multi-year renovation of the main location opening successful 1978,” Lloyd told House Beautiful. “Additionally, she added a impermanent location (referred to arsenic the children’s barn), herb garden, rootlike garden, and main ceremonial garden. She designed the impermanent location specifically for my 2 older half-sisters.”

According to Crocker, Lloyd was “thrilled” the buyers were funny successful preserving the location arsenic it is. 

“She specifically designed it for our household dynamic,” Lloyd, who grew up spending clip astatine the location told House Beautiful. “I retrieve my earliest summertime memories swimming disconnected the dock of the house. She planted a assortment of pear and pome trees astir the perimeter of the garden, arsenic good arsenic chromatic locust and sassafras trees, which she and her landscaping squad cautiously pruned implicit decades,”

The existent estate, known arsenic “Scallop Path,” includes 3 abstracted structures successful total, including the main property, the impermanent house, and a chimney house.  

The halfway of the location resembles that clip period, which includes a cardinal chimney location with a passageway to wherever occupants could safely hide, which galore presume was during King Phillip’s war, according to the listing. 

Between each buildings are 8 abstracted fireplaces. The location was aboriginal restored successful the 1970’s and modernized. The impermanent location comes with 2 abstracted bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room. 

The gardens cautiously designed by the precocious Mellon, see angiosperm gardens, herb and rootlike gardens.  

The property besides holds a boathouse and a garage.