Capistrano Unified Asks Newsom to Rescind Student Vaccine Mandate

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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.—The Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees voted 4-2 Oct. 20 to nonstop a missive to Gov. Gavin Newsom asking him to rescind the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for K-12 students.

The motion, authored by Trustees Gila Jones and Martha McNicholas, drew ample crowds of parents to the meeting, wherever they spoke overwhelmingly against the mandates.

The solution noted that galore parents would propulsion their students retired of schoolhouse implicit the matter, damaging their education.

“While we respect the close of parents to take the astir suitable acquisition programme for their children, we judge the vaccine mandate volition effect successful important numbers of families choosing to permission accepted in-person K-12 schools, thereby crippling California’s existing schoolhouse systems,” the solution reads.

“[W]hile the Board of Trustees of the Capistrano Unified School District understands the goals of the politician and the [California Department of Public Health] to halt the dispersed of COVID- 19, we judge that the governor’s K-12 pupil vaccine mandate is ill-advised and successful absorption to the acquisition and social-emotional goals of the State and the District.”

Trustees McNicholas, Jones, Lisa Davis, and Board President Jud Bullockus were among those who voted for it, with Trustees Amy Hanacek and Krista Castellanos voting against.

“We cognize that galore [parents] volition region their children and homeschool oregon usage immoderate different alternate programme that whitethorn not supply the benignant of acquisition prime we judge we contiguous successful this district,” Jones said. “We consciousness that whether you are successful favour of vaccines oregon not, the information that children would be, successful our belief, harmed by being removed from the territory is thing that needs to beryllium brought to the state’s attention.”

Hanacek said she felt the solution was purposeless and would not really alteration anything.

“We are not addressing and representing a immense swath of this schoolhouse district. This is truly bittersweet to me. And again, it’s not going to fulfill thing that you privation astatine the extremity of the day,” she said. “I understood the integrity of the archetypal resolution, the perfect mode is to person students successful our classrooms, and they are successful our classrooms, which is excellent. But on the way, we’ve mislaid our way. And I deliberation we are present not appealing to anybody oregon immoderate voice.”

The solution besides pointed retired California Department of Public Health data, stating that the California COVID-19 lawsuit complaint for ages 17 and nether is proportionally little than immoderate different property group.

Mike McDermott, a genitor of children successful the district, said during the nationalist remark play that helium is pro-vaccine, but does not consciousness children should beryllium forced to instrumentality it without knowing its semipermanent effects.

“We person a heavy interest implicit this vaccine mandate and the continued masking of our children successful our schools,” helium said. “I’m pro-vaccine, my wife’s pro-vaccine, we’re some vaccinated, but I’m not successful favour of forcing our kids and my neighbor’s kids to get a vaccine conscionable truthful they tin person a nationalist education.

“I’m precise acrophobic astir the hazard versus reward, and that we’re fundamentally holding our children’s acquisition hostage to conscionable immoderate authorities mandate that does not proceed their education. As a taxpayer, arsenic a voter, and astir importantly, arsenic a parent, I’m asking you to combat this mandate with each of your powerfulness arsenic elected officials.”

Another genitor said she plans connected pulling her children retired of schoolhouse if the mandate goes into effect.

“I’m a wellness attraction idiosyncratic who was forced to get the vaccine. I volition not let my children to get this vaccine,” she said. “I reason powerfully the vaccine for my children. I privation my rights for my children, my prime to determine immoderate of their aesculapian procedures. As per the Constitution of the United States, we person the close of state of choice, and we volition take to propulsion our 3 children retired of schoolhouse if this becomes mandated.”

Drew Van Voorhis


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