Capitol Report (Aug. 5): 528,000 Jobs Added in July Jobs Report; Pentagon Denies DC’s Request for National Guards Migrant Help

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There’s been a large breakthrough for the Democrats’ wellness attraction and clime bill. President Joe Biden and Republicans person commented connected its inflationary impacts.

To interruption down the Democrats’ latest measure aimed astatine reshaping the national budget, we’ll perceive from an economist astir however it volition code the fund shortage and more.

The Biden medication is taking steps to support houses of worship and spiritual communities amid what it says are escalating acts of violence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wrapping up her travel successful Asia, is met with much backlash from China.

A caller study shows that astatine slightest 72 fake news sites are spreading pro-China propaganda. Researchers accidental the run is being carried retired by a Shanghai nationalist relations firm.

As much schools crossed the federation instrumentality sex modulation policies for students, 1 lawyer explains however parents and teachers tin usage the instrumentality to propulsion back.

Lightning during Thursday’s tempest successful Washington killed an aged mates from Wisconsin adjacent the White House.

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