Capitol Report (Sept. 30): Dr. Fauci’s Net Worth Increases $5 Million During Pandemic; Government Shutdown Avoided

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The president tells Americans that tempest Ian is simply a situation not conscionable for Florida, but for the full country. What’s the latest national response?

A government shutdown is averted, but House Republicans enactment up a combat Friday against the impermanent backing bill. has been digging into the details yet again. They accidental Dr. Anthony Fauci’s nett worthy has astir doubled from 2019 to 2021.

The White House estimates that forgiving national pupil loans volition outgo adjacent to $400 billion, arsenic the Biden medication faces a suit from six states implicit the plan.

A elder ineligible chap from the Heritage Foundation breaks down the legality of the Biden administration’s plans to cancel pupil debt. What authorization did President Joe Biden use? And however volition the program interaction the states?

Lawmakers walk a measure that exposes the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution and propaganda tactics that people radical of faith.

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