Caroline Jones Admits She’s ‘Over The Moon’ Ahead Of ‘Dream Come True’ CMA Debut With Zac Brown Band

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Exclusive Interview

November 10, 2021 3:32PM EST

Zac Brown Band is connected their comeback tour, and they’re bringing Caroline Jones on for the ride! The vocalist opened up to HL up of her archetypal ever CMA Awards performance!

Pour america different one, truthful we tin cheer to Caroline Jones! The “Come In” singer is preparing to marque her CMA Awards debut and she is joining nary different than Zac Brown Band for the large night! “It’s a imagination travel true,” Caroline gushed successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with “It’s thing I’ve dreamed up for a precise agelong time. If you’d told maine that my archetypal CMAs that I played, I was going to beryllium playing the organ and singing with Zac Brown Band, I would ne'er ever person believed you. But, that’s what is truthful chill astir the travel of life.”

Caroline linked up with Zac Brown Band for their Comeback Tour this year, aft returning from an extended enactment successful New Zealand, wherever she fell successful emotion with not lone the state and its people, but besides her now-fiancé. ” I’s been astonishing touring with ZBB this this full twelvemonth and being a portion of their household and their civilization and learning truthful much,” she said. “They’ve truly helped maine on and taken maine nether their wing, and I’ve go a amended musician. It’s inspired maine truthful much. So, arsenic you tin see, I’m implicit the moon.”

Caroline Jones performing. (Shutterstock)

The “No Daylight” vocalist opened up further astir her sophomore album, Antipodes, which is successful galore ways a love missive to New Zealand, and her fiancé Nick Dana. “It was astir apt 1 of the astir unthinkable experiences of my beingness frankincense far. A batch of this medium was finished determination and I wrote a fewer songs connected the grounds successful New Zealand, arsenic well,” Caroline explained. “I called it Antipodes, which means the other extremity of the world, truthful it’s a colloquialism for New Zealand. And each the visuals, each the photography, each the videos, similar we filmed everything there. I’m conscionable truthful blessed to beryllium capable to bring a portion of that clip successful my beingness to people, done this record.”

Caroline Jones’ ‘Antipodes’ is retired Nov. 12. (Laura Tait)

One of the last songs connected the medium is “So Many Skies,” which Caroline really co-wrote with her fiancé. “It’s astir apt the astir peculiar opus connected the album. It is truthful meaningful to maine and to Nick, it’s our story,” she revealed. “Half of the opus is astir Nick’s beingness earlier helium met me, and the different fractional is astir my beingness earlier I met him. And past the extremity is astir benignant of america coming unneurotic and starting our ain beingness together.” She’s joined by Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion connected the track, which she recalled arsenic “such a chill and peculiar moment.”

Be definite to tune into the CMA Awards contiguous astatine 8 PM ET connected ABC for Caroline’s show with Zac Brown Band and her caller album, Antipodes, retired connected Friday, Nov. 12!