Carrie Underwood Gives ‘Side Eye’ As Luke Bryan Makes ‘Immunized’ Joke At CMA Awards

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November 10, 2021 8:22PM EST

While hosting the CMA Awards, Luke Bryan poked amusive astatine Mike Fisher for backing Aaron Rodgers’ COVID vaccine stance — and Mike’s wife, Carrie Underwood, didn’t look excessively thrilled.

Luke Bryan opened up the 2021 CMA Awards with a monologue that referenced Aaron Rodgers caller comments astir the COVID-19 vaccine. “We’re pursuing each the wellness protocols to support everyone harmless and it’s truthful large to beryllium present with each my chap artists, tested and together,” Luke said. “Or immunized? Who is it? Just playin’!” The gag was successful notation to Aaron saying that helium was “immunized” against COVID-19 earlier this year, lone for it to beryllium revealed successful November that helium had not gotten the COVID vaccine.

the closeup of carrie’s look erstwhile luke said “all of america are immunized” SENT MEEEEEE #CMAawards

— Hales ミ☆ 𓆩♡𓆪 (@alltoohail) November 11, 2021

Immediately aft Luke made his joke, the cameras panned to Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, who were successful the assemblage astatine the CMAs. Mike openly supported Aaron’s stance astir the COVID vaccine connected societal media, and Carrie didn’t look excessively blessed that Luke had made a gag astatine her husband’s expense. Fans instantly took announcement of the reaction, and called Carrie retired for her “side eye” successful the audience.

luke bryanLuke Bryan hosting the CMA Awards. (Mark Humphrey/AP/Shutterstock)

“The camera changeable of Carrie Underwood erstwhile Luke Bryan mentioned who has their shots…priceless,” 1 instrumentality tweeted. Another wrote. “Carrie Underwood looks little than thrilled to beryllium successful the country with these humans,” portion different spectator added, “Holy hellhole did you conscionable spot that look Carrie Underwood had successful her face.”

Aaron’s COVID-19 contention made headlines astatine the opening of November erstwhile it was revealed that helium had tested affirmative for the microorganism and had not been vaccinated. He was called retired for not pursuing the protocols for non-vaccinated NFL players, truthful putting his teammates astatine risk. However, Aaron vehemently defended his determination to marque his ain choices astir his body.

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood astatine CMA Awards. ( Ed Rode/AP/Shutterstock)

Mike took to Instagram connected Nov. 6 to backmost Aaron’s choice. “I judge successful the state to take what we enactment successful our bodies and the state of conscience,” Mike wrote, on with a station that said I Stand With Aaron Rodgers. “I hold with him successful that the subject intelligibly shows the vaccinated dispersed COVID astatine fundamentally the aforesaid complaint arsenic the unvaccinated. The NHL, NFL and different leagues are ignoring the subject and choosing to coerce and punish unvaccinated players with these restrictions. If they truly cared astir people’s health, they would person regular investigating for all.” Mike faced backlash for spreading misinformation astir COVID and the vaccine.

Carrie did not publically remark connected the situation. However, earlier this year, she came nether occurrence for ‘liking’ a tweet that stood against disguise mandates for children successful schools. Country euphony fans were precise divided implicit Carrie’s stance connected the situation.