‘Cartelville, USA’ Exposes Illegal Drug Cartels Taking Over Small California Towns

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Illegal cause cartels and pack enactment are taking implicit tiny Southern California towns and causing residents to fly their homes, according to a new investigative documentary released by Daily Caller newsman Jorge Ventura.

Cartelville, USA, released Nov. 4, documents Ventura’s probe into the amerciable marijuana increasing operations popping up successful Los Angeles County, peculiarly successful his autochthonal Antelope Valley.

“I truly wanted to radiance a airy connected what was happening successful my hometown,” Ventura said. “I felt that Americans surviving successful these towns needed a dependable connected this story.”

Ventura said the cause cartels typically smuggle drugs from Mexico and administer them wrong the United States done assorted channels.

However, this operation’s marijuana is present openly grown and the cartels get the onshore for the operations by either squatting connected onshore oregon buying properties successful the agrarian Antelope Valley area.

“As this continues with these cartels … [they] are really taking [the communities] implicit and turning them into shade towns,” Ventura said successful the documentary. “We’ve already seen 3 oregon 4 communities successful the Antelope Valley and successful San Bernardino County that person been wholly taken implicit by these cartels and pushing families away.”

An anonymous nonmigratory told the Daily Caller that starting a twelvemonth ago, the grows began popping up exponentially.

“Within 5 miles of my house, determination are astir apt 50 grows … blatant, unfastened operations,” said the resident, whose individuality was hidden to support privacy.

The beingness of cartels besides often leads to unit successful communities. In July, an idiosyncratic was killed and 2 others were injured astatine a Mariposa County marijuana cartel, according to the Merced Sun-Star.

Los Angeles Sherriff Alex Villanueva said successful a June property league that his section identified 150 amerciable marijuana grows successful Antelope Valley successful 2020; and this year, the fig grew to much than 500.

In the aforesaid month, a multi-agency instrumentality enforcement cognition cleared galore amerciable marijuana operations successful what the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) deemed “the largest cognition ever to instrumentality spot successful the past of LASD.”

Over 200 locations were served with hunt warrants, portion 375,000 marijuana plants and 33,000 pounds of harvested marijuana were seized.

The 10-day cognition resulted successful 22 felony arrests, 109 misdemeanor arrests, and 19 arrests, according to the LASD.

Epoch Times Photo Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva speaks astatine a property league successful downtown Los Angeles connected Nov. 2, 2021. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

The cartels besides smuggle undocumented migrants, often minors, from Mexico to enactment connected the operations.

San Bernadino Sheriff Shannon Dicus told the Daily Caller that the section often sees quality trafficking successful immoderate of these grows.

“[The cartels are] fundamentally making them enactment these grows and thin these grows truthful that they tin get their citizenship oregon immoderate the commercialized is,” Dicus said. “And it’s each astir the grow, not astir people.”

Ventura toured the wrong of a San Bernadino turn cognition that helium said was worthy $700,000.

The cartels usage “grow kits” consisting of plywood, plastic, ligament and tarp to conception the structure and an above-ground excavation to premix chemicals. The turn kits let the greenhouses to beryllium built successful a substance of days.

The operations besides bargain h2o from the communities’ h2o proviso utilizing trucks, Ventura said.

Ventura yet urged Gov. Gavin Newsom to revisit Proposition 64, which legalized cannabis usage successful the authorities and took the punishment for increasing marijuana from a felony to a $500 misdemeanor fine.

Because the turn operations are lucrative, often yielding adjacent to a cardinal dollars, making the reward outweigh the hazard for galore people.

The investigative newsman besides called connected President Joe Biden to tighten enforcement astatine the confederate border, which would little the cartels’ root of labor.

Ventura has besides been covering migration astatine the Texas borderline for the past respective months.

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