Cause of Montana Amtrak Derailment Still Under Investigation

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HELENA, Mont.—A preliminary study connected an Amtrak bid derailment successful Montana past period that killed 3 radical and injured dozens much offered nary clues astir what triggered the accident, but said the train’s exigency brakes were activated and that Amtrak estimated the harm astatine much than $22 million.

However, 1 lawyer whose lawsuit is suing Amtrak and BNSF Railway said helium wanted to larn much astir the crash-worthiness of the train’s reflection car and an lawyer for a unit subordinate said she reported seeing a 30-foot dip on the railroad, wherever it appeared the way furniture had fixed way.

The National Transportation Safety Board issued its preliminary study Tuesday connected the Sept. 25 derailment of the westbound Empire Builder conscionable westbound of Joplin, successful north-central Montana.

It was mostly factual, saying determination were 154 radical connected committee and that 44 passengers and unit were taken to country hospitals with injuries. Passengers without superior injuries were bused to the adjacent municipality of Chester, wherever residents provided nutrient and different aid.

The bid was traveling astatine betwixt 75 and 78 mph (121 and 125 kph), conscionable beneath the velocity bounds of 79 mph (127 kph) connected that conception of way erstwhile its exigency brakes were activated. The 2 locomotives and 2 railcars remained connected the rails and 8 cars derailed.

NTSB spokesperson Keith Holloway said Tuesday it was “still precise early” successful the probe and the bureau typically takes 1 to 2 years to find mishap causes.

“We are looking astatine everything,” helium said.

Rail experts person said the clang could person been caused by problems with the railroad oregon track, specified arsenic a obstruction that buckled nether precocious heat, oregon the way itself giving mode erstwhile the bid passed over.

But they said investigators would see each possibilities, including imaginable problems with the Empire Builder’s wheels oregon suspension system. Investigators besides were examining if passengers were ejected from the bid during the crash.

The probe includes an introspection of onboard video from the Amtrak bid and from a freight bid that had gone done the derailment country a small implicit an hr earlier, the NTSB has said.

The derailed bid besides had a achromatic container that records everything happening connected the train, according to the NTSB.

As the probe continues, it volition absorption connected way and engineering, equipment, endurance factors, and rider railcar crashworthiness, the NTSB said Tuesday.

Survivors described horrific scenes of radical being maimed and killed arsenic 4 cars—including an reflection car with ample windows—toppled and skidded down the tracks.

Killed successful the mishap were Margie and Don Vardahoe, a Georgia mates connected a cross-country travel to people their 50th wedding anniversary, and Zachariah Schneider, 28, a bundle developer from Illinois.

At slightest 2 twelve passengers person filed lawsuits implicit the derailment, including Schneider’s wife, Rebecca Schneider. She said successful the suit that her hubby had near her successful the sleeping car and went to beryllium successful the reflection car, wherever helium was “horrifically maimed” and killed.

The lawsuits against some Amtrak and BNSF allege negligence for not preventing the derailment and question damages for injuries and intelligence trauma to the radical aboard the train.

Amtrak and BNSF person declined to remark connected ongoing litigation.

Rebecca Schneider requested entree to the Amtrak and BNSF onboard videos arsenic portion of her lawsuit, 1 of her attorneys said. That could uncover the origin of the clang earlier the NTSB issues its last report, lawyer Robert Mongeluzzi said.

The suit besides volition question to find the crash-worthiness of the reflection car, which has ample windows that wrapper astir to the ceiling and wherever each 3 fatalities occurred, helium said.

“The much unfastened it is, the much apt radical are to get thrown from the train,” Mongeluzzi said.

Holloway, with the NTSB, said helium could not corroborate the 3 deaths occurred successful the reflection car.

An lawyer for an Amtrak worker aboard the bid said the pistillate worker told national investigators past week that pursuing the derailment, she saw a “30 ft dip” on the railroad, wherever worldly underneath the way that’s known arsenic the ballast had fixed way.

The worker allegedly talked to a BNSF Railway inspector aft the crash, who verified a occupation with the ballast and said determination had been attempts to remediate it successful the days starring up the crash, according to her attorney, Fred Bremseth.

Bremseth declined to springiness the sanction oregon presumption of the employee, citing her tendency for privacy, but said she and different Amtrak employees helium represents are preparing a imaginable suit implicit the crash.

“If what she said was correct, past evidently determination was a nonaccomplishment to decently support the track,” Bremseth said.

BNSF did not reply questions astir the allegations and said immoderate details astir the probe had to travel from NTSB. Holloway declined remark connected the claims.

Allan Zarembski, who directs the railroad information programme astatine the University of Delaware, said the NTSB usually won’t sanction a origin successful a preliminary study unless it’s thing obvious.

Zarembski said photos helium reviewed from the clang country didn’t amusement immoderate evident occupation with the track.

The information that 2 locomotives and 2 cars up beforehand went done without derailing suggests determination was a occupation with 1 of the cars that derailed, oregon perchance a obstruction broke beneath 1 of those cars arsenic it passed over, helium said.

By Amy Beth Hanson and Matthew Brown

The Associated Press