CCP Official Declares China Will Go to Extremes to Control COVID-19 Before Party Congress

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A provincial-level authoritative of the Chinese communist authorities publically says utmost measures successful pandemic power volition beryllium utilized for the upcoming Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20th National Congress connected Oct. 16.

During China’s National Day (Oct. 1) week-long holiday, authorities successful Inner Mongolia region, location to a Mongol ethnicity successful Northern China, adjacent to Beijing, ordered the lockdown of a region and a metropolis due to the fact that of azygous COVID-19 lawsuit reports. At the pandemic power enactment meeting, Sun Shaocheng, the CCP enactment caput of Inner Mongolia, said that to forestall the dispersed and spillover of the epidemic to Beijing, the authorities indispensable usage utmost power measures successful a mode of “killing a chickenhearted with a butcher’s weapon that is utilized to slaughter a bull” (Chinese proverb, equivalent to utilizing a sledgehammer to termination a fly).

On Oct. 2, aft a COVID-19 lawsuit was reported successful Linxi County of Inner Mongolia, officials announced that the full region was  locked down.

Meanwhile, a affirmative lawsuit was besides reported successful Manzhouli, a large City successful Inner Mongolia. The officials instantly announced that from Oct. 2 to 5, the metropolis would beryllium nether “silent management,” a word the authorities has utilized to bespeak a afloat lockdown.

Absurd Control Measures for Political Correctness

Mr. Chen, an online writer from mainland China, told The Epoch Times connected Oct. 2, that the symptoms of COVID-19 Omicron variant are milder than that of a cold, “In Europe and the United States, they person announced that the pandemic is over, but China [the CCP] is inactive implementing control. This is due to the fact that officials are messing astir for governmental needs to delight the higher-ups and for being politically correct. They don’t perceive to the epidemic experts connected epidemic prevention and control, truthful it has go precise absurd.”

Chen, who declined to springiness a archetypal name, owed to fearfulness of reprisal, besides said, “The cardinal government’s determination is wrong, and making the radical miserable. And due to the fact that the Chinese (CCP) bureaucracy is wholly servile, the lower-level officials, successful bid to conscionable the needs of the higher levels, instrumentality the absurd orders and measures to the adjacent level, and support expanding the standard of it.”

Mr. Feng from Hubei, who declined to springiness his afloat sanction owed to fearfulness of reprisal, told The Epoch Times that utmost epidemic prevention has earnestly affected China’s economy, causing unemployment of young people. “I person ne'er seen truthful galore young radical returning home, and each the migrant workers person returned, arsenic they can’t find a job. Now, they person thing to bash successful their hometown, and spell sportfishing instead.”

Feng added that petitioners who spell to Beijing to petition for their grievances are present nether stricter control, arsenic the CCP National Congress volition beryllium held soon. “All of them are nether guard, immoderate are sent to intelligence hospitals and locked up, immoderate are sent to detention centers, and immoderate are kept astatine location successful the sanction of COVID-19 quarantine.”

Epoch Times Photo People were ordered to basal wrong circles drawn connected the crushed for “COVID-19 quarantine” connected a roadworthy successful China successful 2022. (Online/Screenshot via the Chinese connection variation of The Epoch Times)

The mainland’s utmost zero-COVID argumentation has besides caused each kinds of unusual epidemic prevention phenomena. Recently, a video went viral connected Chinese societal media that showed radical connected a roadworthy successful a mountainous area, being isolated connected the spot by circles drawn connected the ground.

Feng said that helium saw the video and reposted it, “We person each kinds of weird things happening present for COVID-19 control, it’s not uncommon, determination are excessively galore of them.”

Luo Ya contributed to this report.

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