CDC Director Refuses to Tell Senators How Many CDC Employees Have Gotten COVID-19 Vaccines

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The manager of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention connected Thursday declined to stock with a Senate sheet however galore of the agency’s workers person gotten a COVID-19 vaccine.

The agency, oregon the CDC, has been astatine the forefront of pushing COVID-19 vaccination during the pandemic since the archetypal vaccine received exigency authorization precocious past year.

“What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?” Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) asked Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC’s head, during a Senate Health Committee proceeding successful Washington.

“We’re actively encouraging vaccination successful each of our employees and doing outreach successful bid to get our bureau vaccinated,” Walensky responded.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the apical Republican connected the panel, revisited the taxable conscionable earlier the proceeding ended.

“Do you truly not cognize the reply to the fig of vaccinated individuals astatine CDC oregon did you conscionable not privation to reply Sen. Cassidy’s question?” Burr wondered.

Walensky declined to reply directly. “We’re inactive actively moving connected collecting those information and those information are updated successful real-time,” she said.

Burr asked for the numbers to beryllium sent to the committee by Nov. 8.

“We are moving toward updating that data. I would person to talk with my unit astir wherever we are and whether those numbers are going to beryllium disposable connected Monday,” Walensky said.

Burr noted that 1 of President Joe Biden’s enforcement orders mandates each national employees, including CDC workers, indispensable nutrient impervious of vaccination by Nov. 8 oregon look disciplinary action.

“If the postulation is inactive successful process, however are you going to commencement disciplinary actions based upon the enforcement order?” Burr asked.

“We’re actively updating those data. I conscionable don’t cognize precisely erstwhile they volition beryllium afloat in, but surely we volition person those information by the due deadline,” Walensky said.

“If the CDC doesn’t person to unrecorded by the rules, wherefore should employers person to unrecorded by the mandate rules?” Burr past asked, referring to a vaccine mandate that was unveiled by the Biden medication earlier successful the day.

“I volition marque definite we’re complying with the rules due to the fact that we privation everyone other to arsenic well,” Walensky said.

Cassidy said helium was told that northbound of 75 percent of CDC employees who had worked from the agency’s office successful Atlanta are inactive moving remotely, which Walensky declined to corroborate but besides did not deny. She said the bureau was pursuing national guidelines.

Epoch Times Photo Dr. Anthony Fauci, the caput of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies to a Senate sheet successful Washington connected Nov. 4, 2021. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
sen burr Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) speaks successful Washington connected May 11, 2021. (Greg Nash/Pool/Getty Images)

The CDC’s manager and Dr. Anthony Fauci, different apical wellness authoritative successful the administration, were besides pressed during the proceeding astir the administration’s propulsion to get virtually each American vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19—even Americans who person contracted the unwellness and recovered, giving them immoderate level of immunity.

Burr noted that a real-world Israeli survey recovered earthy immunity, oregon that protection, was higher than the extortion conferred by Pfizer’s vaccine, and different probe has indicated that earthy immunity results successful representation B cells that support protecting for up to 1 twelvemonth aft recovery. He besides referred to the CDC’s recent brief that says earthy immunity lasts for astatine slightest six months.

Walensky downplayed the data, claiming that the studies showing vaccines supply extortion are much robust than those supporting earthy immunity. “The information connected infection-induced immunity, immoderate of which you quoted, are murkier. They trust connected retrospective studies, observational studies, and studies wherever we can’t bash a prospective study,” she said.

Walensky touted a precocious published CDC survey that was said to person determined that radical who remained unvaccinated and had earthy immunity were astir 5 times much apt to declaration COVID-19. That survey was besides retrospective and criticized by immoderate experts successful examination to the Israeli research.

Cassidy, a doctor, aboriginal said that the alleged deficiency of robust information connected earthy immunity seemed to beryllium correctable. “Why person we not done the research?” helium asked.

“I’m told you person patient-identifiable data,” which would let the bureau to analyse the issue, helium added.

Fauci said that earthy immunity and vaccination pb to representation B compartment and T compartment responses.

“One of the goals implicit the adjacent respective months, which are presently being done by our grantees, is to find the objective correlation betwixt the improvement and maturation of B compartment and T compartment responses and objective effect. We’re looking astatine that some post-vaccination, post-boost, and successful individuals who person been infected,” helium said. “Hopefully we’ll get much definitive accusation implicit the adjacent respective months.”

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