Celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ Day: See Lindsay Lohan & The Cast Then & Now

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Mean Girls premiered successful 2004 and portion it was a humble deed successful the beginning, the movie has grown into a afloat cult classic. Now that it’s October 3rd, it’s clip for a flashback.

The movie followed a shy, formerly homeschooled miss named Cady, who fell successful with the weirdos erstwhile she entered nationalist precocious school. Her friends challenged her to infiltrate the fashionable clique, The Plastics,’ and coiled up becoming conscionable similar them. People loved the movie for the mode that writer and star Tina Fey portrayed beingness arsenic a teenage girl. 

Here, you tin spot Lindsay Lohan side-by-side with her playing the main character, Cady. Take a look astatine her hair, makeup, and clothes… she’s already a Plastic! Following Mean Girls, Lindsay was connected apical of the world, starring successful Herbie Fully Loaded, Just My Luck, and much teen-geared films. She besides launched her euphony vocation with songs similar ‘Rumors.’ Following years of ineligible problems and struggles with addiction, Lindsay has taken a measurement backmost from acting. She married Bader Shammas successful Jul. 2022. 

Ready to spot more Mean Girls stars present and then? Scroll done the assemblage for more.