CEO Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Leak of Thousands of Facebook Documents

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded Monday to the merchandise of thousands of institution documents precocious leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen, saying ample companies “should beryllium scrutinized” and arguing that the leaked documents could beryllium utilized to “paint a mendacious picture” of the company.

The statement noted the company’s brands—that see Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among others—now see astir 3.6 cardinal radical worldwide.

“I judge ample organizations should beryllium scrutinized and I’d overmuch alternatively unrecorded successful a nine wherever they are than 1 wherever they can’t be,” Zuckerberg said successful the statement.

“Good religion disapproval helps america get better. But my presumption is that what we’re seeing is simply a coordinated effort to selectively usage leaked documents to overgarment a mendacious representation of our company,” helium added.

Zuckerberg besides addressed the complexities progressive successful making rules regarding societal media arsenic an idiosyncratic company.

“It makes a bully soundbite to accidental that we don’t lick these intolerable tradeoffs due to the fact that we’re conscionable focused connected making money, but the world is these questions are not chiefly astir our business, but astir balancing hard societal values,” helium said.

“And I’ve repeatedly called for regularisation to supply clarity due to the fact that I don’t deliberation companies should beryllium making truthful galore of these decisions ourselves,” Zuckerberg added.

The decisions Zuckerberg alluded to whitethorn constituent to issues addressed successful immoderate of the documents released by Haugen. The precocious released contented includes accusation astir hatred speech, misinformation, addressing arguable topics similar quality trafficking, and more.

Recent reports person besides highlighted probe regarding societal media’s antagonistic interaction connected young people.

Facebook officials had interior probe successful March 2020 showing that Instagram—the social media platform most utilized by adolescents—is harmful to teen girls’ assemblage representation and well-being but swept those findings nether the rug to proceed conducting concern arsenic usual, according to a Sept. 14 study successful The Wall Street Journal.

Zuckerberg’s connection besides addressed the upcoming merchandise absorption of the company, stating, “Our 3 merchandise priorities stay our absorption connected creators, commerce, and gathering the adjacent computing platform.”

For creators, an upcoming absorption is connected the Reels diagnostic akin to TikTok and different abbreviated video platforms. The institution volition question to physique connected the inclination wrong its ain apps.

Commerce solutions volition absorption connected helping users acceptable up shops wrong Facebook oregon different institution apps. The operation of ads and in-app purchases is designed to assistance the institution vie with Apple’s in-app acquisition dominance.

The “next computing platform” absorption discussed the precocious publicized metaverse task Facebook continues to develop. Areas specified arsenic the Quest 2 and the company’s upcoming astute glasses volition service arsenic portion of a increasing “ecosystem” of products and services to link assorted aspects of beingness with Facebook’s technology.

Christia Spears Brown contributed to this report.

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