Chappelle willing to meet Netflix’s trans employees but won’t ‘bend to demands’

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The comedian Dave Chappelle has spoken retired astir backlash against his caller Netflix special, saying helium would beryllium unfastened to gathering transgender employees of the streaming institution but would not beryllium “bending to anyone’s demands”.

“To the transgender community, I’m much than consenting to springiness you an audience,” Chappelle said successful a video posted to his Instagram leafage connected Monday. “But you volition not summon me.”

Chappelle appeared to beryllium responding to a protest extracurricular Netflix’s Los Angeles bureau past week. A assemblage successful the hundreds, including a radical of Netflix employees, protested against Chappelle’s comments and demanded Netflix instrumentality enactment to enactment the LGBTQ+ community.

Chappelle and Netflix person faced disapproval for comments successful the peculiar that was released this month. Chappelle directed jokes toward transgender people, said “gender is simply a fact” and lamented the contention that has surrounded the writer JK Rowling, who has been accused of transphobia.

Along with a flood of disapproval connected societal media, LGBTQ+ activists and organizations denounced Chappelle’s comments arsenic transphobic, the latest example, they said, of a drawstring of anti-LGBTQ+ remarks.

In a erstwhile drama peculiar that aired successful 2019, Chappelle referred to the LGBTQ+ assemblage arsenic “the alphabet people” and transgender radical arsenic “the T’s”.

In a statement, the LGBTQ+ advocacy radical Glaad said: “Dave Chappelle’s marque has go synonymous with ridiculing trans radical and different marginalized communities.

“Negative reviews and viewers loudly condemning his latest peculiar is simply a connection to the manufacture that audiences don’t enactment platforming anti-LGBTQ+ diatribes.”

Ted Sarandos, the main enforcement of Netflix, defended the determination to merchandise the special.

“You can’t delight everybody oregon the contented would beryllium beauteous dull,” helium said successful a statement. “I bash deliberation that the inclusion of the peculiar connected Netflix is accordant with our drama offering.”

In his video posted to Instagram, Chappelle denied that helium was invited to talk to transgender Netflix employees.

“I said what I said and boy, I heard what you said,” helium told a sympathetic assemblage successful the video, reportedly filmed astatine a show successful Cleveland.

“My God, however could I not? You said you privation a harmless moving situation astatine Netflix, it seems similar I’m the lone 1 who can’t spell to the office.”

Chappelle said helium would person “some conditions” for radical who wanted to conscionable with him astir his comments.

“First of all, you cannot travel if you person not watched my peculiar from opening to end,” helium said. “You indispensable travel to a palace of my choosing astatine a clip of my choosing.”