Charles Barkley slams ‘clowns on other networks’ while destroying Lakers

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Charles Barkley is “pissed off.”

During Thursday’s “Inside the NBA,” Barkley called retired the Lakers’ enactment for seemingly scapegoating manager Frank Vogel and recently acquired defender Russell Westbrook for the team’s caller struggles.

“I’m not going to beryllium retired similar each these clowns connected different networks that got their heads up the Lakers booties,” Barkley said without naming names.

“Now they’re blaming Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook — perceive the radical up apical who enactment that trash unneurotic are moving and hiding similar cowards saying, ‘Oh it’s Frank and Russ.’ You enactment each them aged geezers retired there.”

The Lakers roster has an mean property of 30. The offseason additions of Westbrook, 33, Carmelo Anthony, 37, Trevor Ariza 36, and Dwight Howard, 36, made them the oldest progressive squad successful the NBA. LeBron James turned 37 past month.

LeBron James (left), Anthony Davis (center) and Russell Westbrook connected  Lakers bench.LeBron James (left), Anthony Davis (center) and Russell Westbrook connected Lakers bench.NBAE via Getty Images

“I don’t attraction who wins, I conscionable privation the play to beryllium implicit truthful we tin spell play play and fish. But the Lakers are specified wussies,” Barkley said successful his rant, noting that helium wanted to usage a connection akin to wussies but couldn’t owed to TNT regulations.

“The mode they person tried to propulsion Russell Westbrook and Frank Vogel nether the autobus is conscionable truly pissing maine off… The champion feline different than LeBron successful the past period has been who? Stanley Johnson. And for y’all to beryllium bringing a feline who was connected the thoroughfare and becomes your 2nd champion player, and whoever’s moving that trash retired determination and getting away, it’s ridiculous man.”

Westbrook’s recent shooting slump led to him being benched successful the 4th fourth of Wednesday’s 111-104 loss to the Pacers astatine home. That came aft the Lakers were blown retired by the Nuggets successful a 37-point nonaccomplishment implicit the weekend.

At 1 point, big Ernie Johnson interrupted Barkley’s rant due to the fact that they had a impermanent waiting to beryllium interviewed.

“The Lakers inactive suck erstwhile we get backmost from this interview,” Barkley said, aboriginal adding that helium was “still mad” erstwhile the amusement returned aft a commercialized break.

Barkley’s rant came days after Magic Johnson ripped the team successful a tweet, tagging proprietor Jeanie Buss.

The Lakers are a wholly antithetic squad past the James-led squad that won a rubric successful the 2020 NBA bubble season. With a 22-23 grounds and Anthony Davis injured, the Lakers can’t look to find their bushed with a Hall of Fame roster they threw together. Their seasoned squad has besides been riddled with injuries during a 2nd consecutive pandemic season.

Vogel, meanwhile, has reportedly been “coaching for his job.”

James has attempted to do harm power successful property conferences, saying the coaching unit isn’t to blame for the team’s caller struggles.

The Lakers play the Magic connected Friday to footwear disconnected an East Coast roadworthy travel against the Heat, Nets, Hornets, and Hawks.