Charlize Theron Admits She’s A Big ‘Real Housewives’ Fan Like Jon Hamm: My Kids Mock Me

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Another day, different Real Housewives instrumentality revealed! Actress Charlize Theron announced she is simply a huge Real Housewives instrumentality successful the “Process” contented of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, which dropped connected Sept. 22. “I ever accidental to my kids, ‘Just diversify a small bit,’ and my small 1 volition go, ‘Are you watching the Housewives again?’” she recalled. “And I go, ‘Yes, I am.… We’ll ticker a small [Federico] Fellini later.’” She did not uncover which amusement of the fashionable Bravo franchise she regularly tunes into.

Charlize, 47, besides revealed 1 of her favourite movies, and it happens to beryllium a Christmas classic: Elf. She described the Will Ferrell-led movie arsenic “f—king perfect”. She takes her diversification proposal seriously!

Charlize Theron Harper's Bazaar coverCharlize Theron appears connected the October 2022 issues of ‘Harper’s BAZAAR’ (Photo: Josh Olins)

The Bombshell histrion is the 2nd personage who has admitted to indulging successful Real Housewives episodes. During the Sept. 19 episode of The Howard Stern Show, Jon Hamm, 51, revealed helium and his girlfriend, Anna Osceola, 34, volition crook it connected as a “ritual” together. “When Anna and I are cooking meal there’s a small ritual that happens wherever it’s either we ticker Beat Bobby Flay… and sometimes determination volition beryllium a Real Housewives watching,” helium said. He besides admitted that helium primitively “resisted” watching the deed Bravo shows, but ended up being “fascinated by it.”

While helium did not specifically sanction which shows helium watches, helium seemed to beryllium well-versed successful the play connected The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, specifically with Erika Jayne‘s fiscal woes. He specifically commented connected Erika’s $750K diamond earrings that her estranged hubby Tom Girardi talented her, reportedly with wealth helium embezzled from his clients opening successful 2018. In effect to Howard Stern‘s question astir whether oregon not Erika, 51, should instrumentality the earrings to Tom (which she said she did this summer), helium exclaimed, “Honey, they were ne'er yours! Give them back!”

Jon Hamm and Anna OsceolaJon Hamm and Anna Osceola are some fans of ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise (Photo: Jon/Anna)

Maren Morris, Florence Pugh, and Jennifer Lawrence are among the different large names who person admitted to being fans of the deed Bravo franchise, per Us Weekly. Perhaps Charlize, Jon, and Anna tin person a Housewives watching enactment unneurotic and invitation different stars who similar to indulge successful the series!