Chicago Police Department Sending Workers Home If They Don’t Get the Vaccine: Fireman

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Chicago metropolis workers who are refusing the vaccine are being sent location without wage if they garbage to instrumentality the COVID-19 vaccines, a Chicago Fire Department (CFD) worker told The Epoch Times nether the information of anonymity.

If they determine to instrumentality the vaccine later, they don’t instrumentality to work close away, alternatively “they person to beryllium processed by the city’s HR office, and that could instrumentality a precise agelong time,” said the dishearted fireman. “And if a subordinate is disconnected enactment for much than 30 days, past their security volition get suspended and they volition person nary pay/insurance for an chartless play of time.”

He told The Epoch Times that initially, 80 to 90 percent of the Chicago Fire Department members were refusing the vaccine, but not anymore.

The city’s vaccination study from Oct. 18 shows that 564 radical successful the occurrence section remained unvaccinated and 1,333 radical successful the constabulary department; with the constabulary section having the lowest effect complaint astatine 64 percent, and the occurrence section second-lowest astatine 72 percent.

Epoch Times Photo The Oct. 18, 2021, Chicago vax portal report. (

“The bulk is frustrated,” helium said.

“The City and the mayors wholly bypassed the unions and conscionable utilized her puppets to propulsion it through, due to the fact that the constabulary superintendent and occurrence commissioner aren’t successful the national and are considered ‘rank exempt’ and are conscionable doing what the politician tells them to,” the fireman added.

More than 130 metropolis workers filed a lawsuit hoping a justice would regularisation the mandates arsenic unconstitutional, astir of them from the CFD.

He further noted that the transgression successful the metropolis is “through the roof,” and claimed that the “mayor is utilizing her idiosyncratic vendetta against the president of the constabulary union, conscionable Tuesday unsocial astatine slightest 21 constabulary officers were sent home.”

“The medics are short-staffed arsenic it is and determination are lone 80 ambulances that screen the full metropolis of Chicago, the bulk of those ambulance crews tally 20+ runs a time and are getting mandated to travel successful connected their disconnected time to enactment different 24-hour shift.”

The mean of runs for ambulances is astir 2,500–2,700 per day, helium noted, and present that they are sending ambulance squad members home, they volition person adjacent little capacity to respond to each sorts of incidents and accidents.

“So they are fundamentally moving 1 time connected and 1 time disconnected and the metropolis is sending radical location and short-staffing them more.”

He said that helium worked with ambulances 4 years earlier helium moved to the occurrence section.

“Last years hero’s who had to usage insubstantial bags to ‘preserve’ retired N95 masks and … makeshift PPE [personal protective equipment] due to the fact that of shortage[s], are this year’s villains,” the fireman complained.

He believes that determination is simply a deeper occupation down the mechanics of the mandates: “It’s each money, if determination are higher [percentage of] vaccinated metropolis employees the metropolis gets much backing from FEMA.”

He has a aesculapian information that would marque taking the vaccine perchance unsafe and is the sole supplier for his family.

The Epoch Times reached retired to the politician of Chicago for comment.

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