Chicago Police Officers Sent Home For Defying Vaccine Mandate

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By aaron rustom

and Associated Press
October 19, 2021

More than a 3rd of the unit failed to study their vaccination presumption by the deadline and present officers are being suspended without pay.

The Chicago Police Department has begun placing officers connected unpaid permission for not reporting their vaccination status.

The caput of the constabulary national called connected members to defy the city’s Oct. 15 deadline for reporting their COVID-19 vaccination presumption and much than a 3rd of the unit failed to study their presumption by that deadline.

Officers got 1 much accidental to study their vaccination presumption Monday and according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a "very tiny number" declined and were sent home.

Police departments astir the U.S. that are requiring officers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are moving up against pockets of absorption that immoderate fearfulness could permission instrumentality enforcement shorthanded and undermine nationalist safety.

Police unions and officers are pushing backmost by filing lawsuits to artifact the mandates.

Meanwhile, the Chicago constabulary superintendent threated to occurrence officers who don't comply with the policy. According to a nonprofit radical that tracks serviceman deaths, the starring origin of decease for instrumentality enforcement officers successful the U.S. is COVID-19. No nationalist statistic amusement the vaccination complaint for America’s archetypal responders, but idiosyncratic constabulary and occurrence departments crossed the state person reported figures acold beneath the nationalist complaint of 77% for adults who person had astatine slightest 1 dose.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.