China Locks Down World’s Largest Wholesale Hub, South China Sea Port Due to New COVID-19 Outbreak

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The Chinese communist authorities has enactment the satellite largest wholesale hub, Yiwu metropolis successful eastbound China, nether semi lockdown owed to a caller outbreak of COVID-19. Meanwhile, “China’s Hawaii” successful the South China Sea has besides locked down owed to a abrupt outbreak. The caller lockdowns person renewed concerns for disruptions to planetary commercialized and proviso chains.

According to authoritative data, since caller infections were reported connected Aug. 2, COVID-19 has rapidly dispersed successful Yiwu, a metropolis of 1.85 million, and to galore neighboring counties and cities. A full of 135 cases were officially reported a fewer days aboriginal by Aug. 4.

Since the opening of the pandemic, the Chinese authorities has concealed the existent standard of its section outbreaks and being suspected by the extracurricular satellite for underreporting the fig of cases successful the country.

The accelerated dispersed successful this question of COVID-19 infections successful the metropolis is caused by the much infectious Omicron variant BA.5.2.

Yiwu authorities ordered a bid of power measures connected Aug. 4, putting the metropolis successful an indefinite semi-lockdown status. All residents are required to instrumentality COVID-19 PCR tests, are prohibited from entering and leaving their residential communities unless deemed indispensable by the authorities; and indispensable clasp a antagonistic COVID-19 trial effect from wrong the past 24 hours to participate a nationalist place. Meanwhile, nationalist proscription and non-essential services person been suspended, and astir tourer areas are closed.

Epoch Times Photo Workers marque shot balls overtime to process further orders from Russian, Brazilian, and different overseas customers astatine Aokai Sports Goods Co., Ltd., successful Yiwu, Zhejiang Province of China, connected July 5, 2018. (VCG/Stringer via Getty Images)

Yiwu City has been an important larboard and export halfway for assorted tiny commodities astir the satellite for galore years. It’s the satellite largest wholesale hub. There are much than 2 cardinal tiny and medium-sized enterprises successful mainland China with concern connections to Yiwu.

Economic Losses, Disruptions to Global Supply Chain

The indefinite lockdown of the metropolis has raised concerns that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) COVID-19 restrictions volition further aggravate China’s economical downturn and disrupt planetary proviso chains, particularly that of tiny commodities.

Xie Zhanwen (pseudonym), the proprietor of Qingkou Baolong Plaza successful Yiwu, told The Epoch Times that corruption cases were recovered successful Qingkou Night Market and that the full country has been locked down. The authorities haven’t told section businesses thing astir however agelong the closure volition beryllium successful place.

Zhang Xiaofeng (pseudonym), a seller astatine the Small Commodity City successful Yiwu, said, “The outbreak this clip is serious, and determination are galore confirmed cases successful Jiangdong district. Most businesses successful Yiwu Small Commodity City are temporarily unopen down, and the economical nonaccomplishment is huge. Dining-in is prohibited, but takeaways are inactive allowed, for now.”

Epoch Times Photo Vendors selling swimming accessories locomotion connected Sanya Bay formation successful Sanya, Hainan province, China connected Nov. 26, 2020. (Reuters/Tingshu Wang/File Photo)

In the meantime, Omicron variant BA.5.1.3 has caused a accelerated outbreak of COVID-19 successful Sanya, a celebrated edifice municipality successful China known arsenic “China’s Hawaii” and an important larboard of the South China Sea since Aug. 4. Authorities person locked down the metropolis and unopen down each inbound and outbound flights connected Aug. 6, leaving 80,000 tourists are stranded successful the city. The “zero-COVID” measures are expected to origin further harm to China’s declining system arsenic good arsenic planetary trade.

Adding to that, tensions crossed the Taiwan Strait person been escalating arsenic the socialist CCP pushes for its “One China” rule to the exclusion of wide antiauthoritarian Taiwan, which could further harm planetary commercialized and proviso chains. Following the historical sojourn of Nancy Pelosi, talker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to Taiwan, the CCP has been conducting subject drills, sending warships to the Taiwan Strait, and launching missiles successful the South China oversea and planetary waters, including wrong Japan’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).

The subject drills person been disrupting the cardinal maritime shipping routes for cargo and commodities successful the region, arsenic ships person to navigate astir the Strait successful surrounding waters.

Xu Meng’er and Hong Ning contributed to the report.

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