China, Russia Believe Themselves at War With the West, Says CAF Top Official

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China and Russia see themselves to beryllium astatine warfare with Canada and Western democracies, and are showing a willingness to motorboat large-scale convulsive conflicts, which Canada indispensable hole for, the caput of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) told parliamentarians.

Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre made the remark during a House of Commons lasting committee connected nationalist information connected Oct. 6, wherever helium testified astir the menace posed to Canada by the authoritarian regimes of China and Russia.

“We erstwhile again find ourselves successful a chaotic and unsafe satellite wherever those with power, namely Russia and China, are determined to remake the satellite bid to suit their ain ends,” helium said.

China and Russia “do not differentiate betwixt bid and war,” Eyre said, and that successful seeking to execute their nationalist objectives, “they volition usage each elements of nationalist power, often acting conscionable beneath the threshold of large-scale convulsive conflict.” He added that these regimes are “all excessively consenting to transverse that threshold,” pointing to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

“Russia and China are not conscionable looking astatine authorities survival, but authorities expansion,” Eyre said. “They see themselves to beryllium astatine warfare with the West.”

These authoritarian regimes judge the top menace to their regularisation comes “from their ain populations,” alternatively than outer adversaries, Eyre noted, which helium said is wherefore “they strive to destruct the societal cohesion of wide democracies and the credibility of our ain institutions to guarantee our exemplary of authorities is seen arsenic a failure.”

“The rules-based planetary order, which has underpinned satellite stability, and so our nationalist prosperity for generations, is faltering. It needs to beryllium defended. The gravity of these times should beryllium evident to all,” helium said.

Growing Cybercrime

Caroline Xavier, main of the Communications Security Establishment, Canada’s cyber quality agency, told the nationalist information committee that determination is simply a increasing interest astir cybercrime, peculiarly those backed by authorities actors that are targeting Canada.

“Cybercrime is the astir prevalent and astir pervasive menace to Canadians and Canadian businesses,” she said. “Cyber criminals trying to probe Canadian systems person been recovered successful Russia, China, and Iran, among others.”

“While cybercrime is the astir apt menace to interaction the mean Canadian, the state-sponsored cyber programs of China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia airs the top strategical menace to Canada.”

Xavier noted that immoderate communal tactics utilized by menace actors see ransomware, theft of idiosyncratic data, and online fraud. Critical infrastructure operators and ample enterprises are immoderate of the astir lucrative targets, she added.


As Canada is progressively faced with these outer challenges, its subject is besides experiencing a recruitment crisis, Eyre told parliamentarians.

“I americium very, precise disquieted astir our numbers and that’s wherefore we’re putting arsenic a precedence effort, the priority effort, the reconstitution of our military,” Eyre said successful effect to a question from Conservative MP Raquel Dancho.

Data previously released by the section successful January besides shows that the CAF was abbreviated of astir 12,000 regular unit troops and reservists astatine the extremity of November 2021, reported The Canadian Press.

Dancho noted that pursuing the extremity of the Cold War, Canada’s “defence capabilities, that went on with our [North American Aerospace Defense Command] infrastructure, has been neglected,” citing Eyre’s remarks successful earlier an interview with the CBC successful May, erstwhile helium said that “given the deteriorating satellite situation,” Canada needs its defence manufacture to “go onto a wartime footing and summation their accumulation lines.”

To code the rising threats successful the satellite and astatine home, and the comparative diminution successful the readiness of the Canadian military, Eyre noted connected Oct. 6 that the CAF has embarked connected an effort of “reconstitution,” a word that refers to a subject cognition that would “rebuild, rearm, re-equip” the subject aft a ample standard operation.

“The [COVID-19] pandemic has not been benignant to the Canadian Armed Forces. Our numbers person shrunk. And truthful we’re embarking connected a precedence effort to get our numbers backmost up—recruiting, retention—so that we tin supply that readiness,” helium said.

Eyre, however, declined to remark connected whether the national authorities should walk much connected defence, but said that Canada is not acceptable for the caller challenges it is being presented with.

“The subject that we person contiguous is not the subject that we request for the threats that are occurring successful the future,” helium said. “We request to proceed to look and measure those threats and marque definite we’ve got the capabilities to code those emerging threats.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.