China’s COVID Chaos a ‘Horrible Indictment’ of US Leadership for Emulating CCP Lockdowns: Former White House Adviser

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If the satellite tin larn 1 happening from the COVID chaos successful China, it is that “locking down does not work,” said healthcare argumentation advisor Dr. Scott Atlas.

“We don’t adjacent cognize truly the grade of the harms to their colonisation that they inflicted by locking down but we cognize anecdotally that determination were monolithic harms to people—they couldn’t get food, they couldn’t get their ain medications, radical were imposing a wholly uncivilized, astir animalistic way,” Atlas, a erstwhile White House peculiar coronavirus advisor and contributor to The Epoch Times, said successful an interview.

For astir 3 years, China’s ruling authorities has imposed a terrible zero-COVID strategy, utilizing strict lockdowns, centralized quarantines, wide testing, and omnipresent surveillance to incorporate the virus’s spread, starring to galore residents being deprived of basal surviving needs, and some even dying from a deficiency of care.

“This is simply a monolithic quality rights violation,” Atlas said.

“All of their policies imposed connected their public,” helium said, referring to China’s communist enactment (CCP), “is an illustration of 1 of the astir bonzer violations of quality rights that we person seen successful modern history.”

‘Flies successful the Face of Common Sense’

The ill-prepared argumentation U-turn followed an exponential surge of cases that was rapidly overwhelming the country’s wellness system.

World Health Organization emergencies manager Mike Ryan noted during a planetary wellness briefing connected Dec. 14 that this question of COVID-19 present seen successful China is not owed to the lifting of COVID restrictions, arsenic it started agelong earlier immoderate easing of the zero-COVID policy.

“I deliberation that it’s precise important to recognise that,” helium said, adding, “The illness was spreading intensively due to the fact that I judge the power measures successful themselves were not stopping the disease, and I judge that the Chinese authorities person decided strategically that that for them is not the champion enactment anymore.”

Contrasting the fewer decease cases the authorities person reported—11 since the easing of COVID curbs earlier this month—was mounting anecdotal evidence suggesting that the microorganism is accelerated spreading successful Chinese cities and fatalities are rising. Hospitals and ceremonial homes person been filling up, with backlogs of bodies awaiting cremation.

The Chinese numbers, Atlas said, are “absurd” to deliberation of.

“This conscionable wholly flies successful the look of communal sense,” helium said.

“No 1 should judge the counting method that is reported by China,” helium added, noting that to “save look and warrant their reckless harmful lockdowns,” the authorities would “necessarily person to accidental they had less deaths.”

CHINA-HEALTH-VIRUS COVID-19 patients connected gurneys astatine Tianjin First Center Hospital successful Tianjin, China, connected Dec. 28, 2022. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

“I don’t cognize however anyone would deliberation that they person transparency connected however they’re counting.”

The deficiency of information from China has been truthful concerning that it person driven the United States to impose a caller question curb mandating COVID tests for travelers from China.

Lockdown Success ‘Fantasy’

That the authorities has been “lying astir the numbers” from the beginning, Atlas said, poses a troubling question.

In January 2020, aft suppressing whistleblower doctors and journalists trying to dependable informing astir the emerging virus, China became the archetypal world’s state to unopen down cities successful effect to COVID-19 spiraling retired of control. As the microorganism spread, the lockdown method that Beijing insisted was effectual was past rapidly copied by different countries astir the world, specified arsenic the United States.

Atlas, an aboriginal lockdown critic, has antecedently enumerated the toll specified that policies inflict connected the public, from learning nonaccomplishment and intelligence wellness harm to emergence successful substance abuse.

“There was this mendacious content that someway China had ‘beaten the virus.’ This was a wholly absurd lie—a fantasy.”

Epoch Times Photo Health workers hold for radical to scan a wellness codification to trial for the COVID-19 coronavirus successful the Jing’an territory successful Shanghai, China, connected Dec. 22, 2022. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

It was a prevarication that Atlas believes policymakers “blind to science” bought without question.

“It’s 1 happening that it’s a nine similar China [that] imposes the draconian policies connected its connected its public, due to the fact that that’s what totalitarian societies do,” helium said. “But it’s different thing—it’s bonzer that governments of supposedly ‘free societies’ would effort to enforce these sorts of policies connected the public—and adjacent much bittersweet is the acquiescence of radical to specified policies.”

“It’s a horrible indictment of American enactment to emulate a totalitarian nine similar China.”

Separate from the information that locking down can’t get escaped of a virus, determination are 2 things that the world hasn’t grasped astir the CCP’s “inhumane policies,” Atlas suggested: “The existent nonaccomplishment of their policies and the monolithic harms connected their ain people.”

“The worst happening for China, oregon immoderate totalitarian society, is to person radical commencement start realizing that the authorities policies are failures, due to the fact that the lone crushed that the totalitarian societies beryllium is they person power.”

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