China’s ‘piano prince’ Li Yundi detained for allegedly hiring sex worker

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Chinese constabulary person detained a salient performance pianist and world TV personality, Li Yundi, dubbed the “piano prince”, connected allegations of hiring a enactment worker.

The charges were revealed by Beijing constabulary successful posts connected a Chinese societal media web that work much similar a trailer for a TV amusement than an authoritative instrumentality enforcement notice.

A archetypal connection said a 39-year-old antheral had been detained and a fishy placed successful administrative detention, with lone portion of Li’s name, a modular signifier to support anonymity. A 2nd station had a photograph of a soft keyboard and the caption “one indispensable distinguish, and gully a wide line, betwixt achromatic and white”.

The constabulary besides added that the archetypal tipoff came from members of the nationalist successful the Chinese capital’s Chaoyang district.

The authoritative People’s Daily Newspaper confirmed that Li had been detained on with a 29-year-old woman. The authoritative China Musicians Association besides said that it was expelling him from the organisation, a motion that his home vocation whitethorn ne'er recover.

In the meantime, respective episodes of the fashionable world amusement “Call Me By Fire”, which Li was a portion of, had been removed from the Chinese internet. The determination came soon aft quality of his detention began to dispersed crossed Chinese media.

Chinese authorities person intensified its crackdown connected China’s taste scene successful caller months, with a raft of caller regulations that immoderate critics extracurricular the state person dubbed a “second Cultural Revolution”, arsenic president Xi Jinping reshapes Chinese society.

Li’s detention besides fuelled treatment astir what was down the police’s determination some wrong and extracurricular China. In the past, allegations of hiring enactment workers person been regularly deployed by authorities to prosecute governmental opponents and different enemies deemed by the government.

So far, however, there’s nary motion that Li’s detention is politically motivated.

The quality shocked China and divided opinion, with astir 800m views of the hashtag “LiYundiDetainedForProstitution” successful conscionable 2 hours aft the constabulary post, Reuters reported. “My God. Li Yundi, the soft prince?” 1 shocked online commentator wrote.

“I’m funny to cognize however the nationalist recovered retired astir him. When you spot a 39-year-old antheral and a 29-year-old pistillate spell into an flat gathering together, however did radical cognize that it’s a prostitute and her customer? Why not a joined couple, friends, hookup buddies?” different online commentator said, according to the BBC.

The revelation of Li’s ungraded has besides been a taxable of statement arsenic different net users question whether its ethical for media and the constabulary to publically disclose one’s individuality successful alleged prostitution case. “Prostitution is perfectly ineligible and mean successful galore countries. Why should it beryllium truthful overmuch of a nationalist outcry present successful China?” 1 wrote connected WeChat.

Li was a kid prodigy who studied successful China and Germany and successful 2000 won the International Chopin Piano contention aged conscionable 18, the youngest ever winner.

He has toured internationally and made galore recordings, though much precocious aft the pandemic-enforced interruption successful euphony performances, helium had appeared connected home world TV shows.