China Says It Will Hold Supporters of ‘Taiwan Independence’ Criminally Liable for Life

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China volition marque those who enactment “Taiwan independence” criminally liable for life, the country’s Taiwan Affairs Office said connected Oct. 5 arsenic the land faces increasing unit from the different broadside of the strait.

The grim informing connected Friday was the archetypal factual punishment Beijing has spelled retired revolving the sovereignty of the antiauthoritarian ruling island, which Beijing claims arsenic its ain and threatens to prehend by unit if necessary.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the office, China’s highest administrative assemblage overseeing Taiwan-related issues, connected Friday besides named 3 Taiwanese officials, Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang, Parliament Speaker You Si-kun, and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, who she labeled arsenic being “stubbornly pro-Taiwan independence.”

The 3 person been placed connected a blacklist banning them and their relatives from entering mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, Zhu said. Companies and entities associated with them volition not beryllium allowed to collaborate with mainland organizations oregon individuals, nor could they question profits successful the mainland, according to Zhu.

She said that the 3 officials had been blameworthy of fanning antagonistic sentiment and “smearing” mainland China, arsenic good arsenic colluding with overseas forces—accusations that Beijing has leveled against pro-democracy activists and Western lawmakers successful the past.

Wu has been a people of Chinese authorities media attacks precocious aft helium made a uncommon trip to Europe precocious past month, rallying like-minded nations to set unneurotic against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Party-controlled tabloid Global Times has tally aggregate articles claiming Wu was engaging successful “dollar diplomacy” to alienate Europe from China, which Taiwan dismissed arsenic “smearing.”

CZECH-TAIWAN-DIPLOMACY Czech Senate talker Milos Vystrcil (L) gives Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu the Silver Commemorative Medal of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic connected Oct. 27, 2021 successful Prague. (Michal Cizek/AFP via Getty Images)

Taiwan’s overseas ministry did not instantly instrumentality a petition for comment.

Beijing had rolled retired the authorisation arsenic it steps up a run of intimidation against the island. The authorities has been displaying its subject spot by sending combatant jets toward Taiwan, raising interest astir a imaginable Chinese attack.

A apical Taiwanese authoritative a time anterior revealed that Beijing has debated invading islands controlled by Taiwan lying adjacent the mainland, though helium considered the script improbable earlier 2024.

Premier Su, erstwhile asked by a legislator from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party however helium feels astir getting sanctioned by Beijing, said helium was simply fulfilling his duties for Taiwan. “The CCP has not been to Taiwan for a time but points fingers astatine Taiwan’s affairs,” helium said.

You, the president of Taiwan’s unicameral Legislative Yuan, seemingly recovered wit successful the sanction.

“Again made the quality successful Xinhua,” helium wrote successful a Facebook station connected Friday, attaching a screenshot of a quality study connected the sanctions. “Seems that my planetary renown has gotten different important boost. Feeling honored!” helium said.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council connected Friday said that their officials person been acting successful the involvement of nationalist sovereignty and determination peace. The authorisation list, the assembly said, is portion of Beijing’s tactics to “cow opponents to taxable to its governmental whims.”

“If Beijing tries to bash harm to our ideology and state and make absorption and disquiet, our authorities volition instrumentality indispensable reciprocal measures to guarantee nationalist safety,” it warned. Were that to happen, it added, “the CCP would person to carnivore immoderate imaginable consequences.”

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