Chinese Building Infrastructure for Pakistan on Disputed Border Along Kashmir: Sources

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NEW DELHI—The Chinese are allegedly gathering infrastructure for the Pakistanis connected the disputed India-Pakistan borderline wrong Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, a improvement that is apt to further complicate the Kashmir contented implicit which India and Pakistan person fought aggregate wars.

A root successful the authorities confirmed to The Epoch Times that the Indian authorities is alert of the beingness of Chinese successful Pak-occupied Kashmir (POK) and said they could beryllium contractors for infrastructure projects oregon conscionable Chinese subject unit conducting surveys.

The root refused to elaborate further. However, Indian media reports person said that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is surveying villages and subject posts successful POK with an volition to fortify Pakistan’s subject apparatus.

The Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) quoted anonymous sources noting the beingness of 40 PLA soldiers successful groups of 5 to six each successful assorted villages conducting surveys of villages, Pakistan service posts, and “infiltration routes utilized by terrorists to scope the Kashmir Valley.”

“India has agelong been acrophobic astir a two-front challenge: China and Pakistan moving unneurotic and creating larger issues, and this is 1 example,” Aparna Pande, the manager of the Initiative connected the Future of India and South Asia astatine the Washington-based Hudson Institute, told The Epoch Times.

The portion of Jammu and Kashmir is landlocked and geopolitically an highly delicate portion arsenic it shares boundaries with Pakistan, the Indian mainland, and some Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous portion that the Chinese Communist Party took implicit wrong a decennary of India gaining independency from the British successful 1947.

India maintains that it took possession of the portion by pact successful 1947, whereas Pakistan calls it “India occupied.” Since 1947, the portion has been divided into respective regions: 1 controlled by Pakistan that India calls POK, an easternmost extremity called Aksia Chin that is nether China’s control, and the rest, which remains with India.

The caller media reports authorities that the PLA unit on with the officers of the Pakistan service and Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence visited Kel, Jura, and Lapa sectors of POK.

All these sectors are on the Line of Control oregon the disputed borderline betwixt India and Pakistan that often experiences cross-border shelling from some sides. Incidentally, India and Pakistan person been observing a ceasefire on the LOC since Feb. 25 and this has provided screen for speeding up operation connected the border.

Epoch Times Photo A representation of Jammu and Kashmir (not connected scale) shows however the authorities that successful 1947 acceded to India is presently nether the power of India, Pakistan, and China. In 2019, the Indian medication bifurcated the authorities into 2 federally governed territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. (Map adapted by Venus Upadhayaya)

No Surprise

“I americium not amazed by immoderate quality that China is gathering infrastructure of immoderate kind, civilian oregon military, on the borderline oregon successful lands arsenic that is the PRC style: physique and assertion land,” said Pande.

Abhishek Darbey, a probe subordinate astatine the New Delhi-based Centre for China Analysis and Strategy, told The Epoch Times that the PLA visiting POK indicates China is processing exemplary villages that tin beryllium utilized for some civilian and subject purposes.

By helping Pakistan make its infrastructure on the disputed borderline with India, Darbey said, China “has recovered an country oregon paper against India to enactment unit connected the Indian authorities and the military.”

In the 1950s, China built a road through Aksai Chin linking Xinjiang with Tibet portion Pakistan ceded the India-claimed Shaksgam Valley—also known arsenic the trans-Karakoram tract—to the Chinese successful 1963 erstwhile some countries signed an statement to settee their borders successful 1963.

POK consists of Azad Kashmir, which shares a borderline with India’s territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and the portion of Gilgit and Baltistan, which shares a borderline with India’s Ladakh. China and Pakistan are successful the process of completing the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Corridor Project (CPEC) nether its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) done Gilgit-Baltistan.

“China has information concerns for its US$62 cardinal CPEC, and immoderate of the economical corridor projects are built successful the POK,” said Darbey. “CPEC being an important limb of the Belt & Road Initiative, it is of premier interest for China to guarantee information successful the POK.”

“It is besides important due to the fact that it volition link China to respective parts of the satellite via oversea and land.”

Priyanka Singh, an Associate Fellow with Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis, wrote successful a reply to a nationalist query that China’s beingness successful POK tin beryllium detrimental to India successful times of warfare and contingency.

“In the broader discourse of India’s encirclement by China successful the southbound Asian region, this benignant of beingness is disturbing since PoK is simply a territory which legally belongs to India. The need, therefore, is to guarantee that the contented of Chinese beingness successful PoK figures predominantly successful aboriginal bilateral exchanges betwixt India and China,” said Singh.

Newly built passageway  successful  Pakistan A loaded motortruck travels done a recently built passageway successful bluish Pakistan’s Gojal Valley, connected Sept. 29, 2015.(Aamir Qureshi/AFP via Getty Images)

Past Incidents

Darbey said that this is not the archetypal clip the PLA has visited POK and reports of the PLA helping physique Pakistani defence infrastructure started coming to the Indian Military successful 2010.

The New York Times successful August 2010 reported connected an “influx” of 7,000-11,000 PLA soldiers in Gilgit-Baltistan.

“In 2010, a large-scale landslide occurred successful bluish Pakistan and determination was nary strategical Karakoram Highway that connects Pakistan and Xinjiang, China,” said Darbey. “Later, Pakistan asked China for help.”

Over the past fewer years, the Chinese authorities has been providing enactment to the Pakistani service with weapons, infrastructure, and funds. Former Indian Army Chief of Staff General V.K. Singh has pointed out that China has a regular service stationed successful POK.

There person been media reports of PLA troops stationed successful POK successful 2010, 2011, and 2016. China was besides helping Pakistan acceptable up surface-to-air missiles successful POK, according to an October report by India Today.

Darbey said that there’s a greater likelihood of the Chinese authorities deploying much PLA soldiers erstwhile the CPEC reaches completion to unafraid its economical interests.

“First of all, it’s a sovereignty contented for India due to the fact that it has ever claimed its sovereignty implicit the POK,” said Darbey. “China has violated the sovereignty of India by gathering large infrastructures successful POK and among them is Karakoram Highway that connects Pakistan with Xinjiang.”

Epoch Times Photo In this photograph taken connected September 29, 2015, Chinese laborers enactment connected the Karakoram highway, successful Gulmit colony of Hunza vale successful Gilgit-Baltistan. (AAMIR QURESHI/AFP via Getty Images)

Response to Allegations

Both China and Pakistan person denied reports of the beingness of PLA successful POK, citing China’s argumentation of non-interference successful Kashmir. Experts accidental this shows China’s treble standards.

“China ever refutes that determination are immoderate Chinese soldiers successful the POK due to the fact that it has maintained that the POK is simply a bilateral contented betwixt India and Pakistan and that China volition ne'er interfere connected this issue,” said Darbey.

Pande said that when India made law changes to bifurcate the erstwhile authorities of Jammu and Kashmir into 2 federally governed territories of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh, China was among the archetypal countries to protestation due to the fact that it lays assertion implicit Ladakh.

“China isn’t funny successful unfastened war, it is simply funny successful salami slicing and upping the ante on India’s borders truthful that India has to walk much wealth and resources connected the onshore borderline and has little near for its maritime beforehand and little for economical and societal issues,” said Pande.

Singh said that successful the past China has deliberately tried to punctuate Kashmir arsenic “disputed” by issuing stapled VISAS to radical from Jammu and Kashmir and by obstructing Indian service unit deputed successful the portion from visiting China arsenic portion of a defence delegation.

“That it has willingly offered its assistance successful infrastructure improvement successful POK and perchance has stationed PLA soldiers determination shows the duality successful Chinese standards,” she said.

Pande said some China and Pakistan volition proceed with what they are doing due to the fact that “Pakistan’s argumentation is to usage jihad and radicalism against India; China’s is to support unit connected the border.”

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