Chinese Embassy Calls for Urgent Meeting With Sri Lanka After Vessel Entry Withdrawn: Report

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The Chinese Embassy has reportedly called for an urgent gathering with Sri Lanka’s authorities aft Colombo requested that the planned sojourn of a Chinese vas beryllium postponed pursuing India voicing information concerns.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry wrote to the Chinese Embassy connected Aug. 5 requesting that China defer the accomplishment of its space and outer tracking probe vas Yuan Wang 5 “until further consultations are made connected this matter.”

In response, the Chinese Embassy sought an urgent gathering with the Sri Lankan apical officials to sermon the matter, section media have reported, citing sources who spoke connected the information of anonymity.

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe besides met with Chinese ambassador Qi Zhenhong connected Aug. 4, during which helium reaffirmed the United Nations Charter principles of territorial integrity and Sri Lanka’s committedness to China’s “One China” principle, successful which the ruling communist enactment claims Taiwan arsenic portion of its territory. Only the Taliban successful Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan admit China’s argumentation connected Taiwan.

“Countries indispensable refrain from provocations which further escalate the existent planetary tensions,” Wickremesinghe said successful a station connected Twitter, emphasizing the request for “mutual respect and non-interference successful the interior affairs of countries.”

Sri Lanka’s deferral petition came aft India warned that it would instrumentality “all indispensable measures” to safeguard against the Chinese vessel, which is owed to beryllium successful the Hambantota larboard from Aug. 11 to Aug. 17 for “refueling purposes.”

The crisis-hit federation had besides initiated diplomatic talks with some India and China to scope “an amicable solution” regarding the vessel’s accomplishment to debar immoderate imaginable clashes.

The Yuan Wang 5 vessel is utilized to behaviour “satellite power and probe tracking of China’s satellites successful the northwestern portion of the Indian Ocean portion done August and September,” according to the Belt & Road Initiative successful Sri Lanka.

According to Marine Traffic, the probe vas departed Jiangyin, China, connected July 13 and is presently successful the East China Sea en way to Hambantota.

Local media reported that the erstwhile authorities had fixed support for the vas to dock successful the larboard conscionable a time earlier on July 12, during the wide protests that had thrown the authorities into turmoil.

The Sri Lankan authorities leased the strategical larboard to China for 99 years successful 2017 aft failing to repay $1.4 cardinal successful loans.

India’s Concerns

India worries that the Chinese-built and leased larboard of Hambantota volition beryllium utilized by China arsenic a subject basal successful India’s backyard. The $1.5 cardinal larboard is adjacent the main shipping way from Asia to Europe.

Diplomatic relations betwixt India and China person been strained since clashes successful 2020 betwixt troops on a distant Himalayan border. At slightest 20 Indian and 4 Chinese soldiers were killed successful the fighting, which led to a monolithic build-up of troops connected some sides.

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said successful May that portion China had expressed hopes to reconstruct normalcy with India, from India’s perspective, the menace to the restoration of bid and tranquility connected the borderline was ongoing aggressions by the Chinese regime.

“The frictions and tensions that originate from China’s deployments since April 2020 cannot beryllium reconciled with a mean narration betwixt 2 neighbors,” Jaishankar told reporters.

China is 1 of Sri Lanka’s biggest lenders and has besides financed airports, roads and railways, unsettling India. As Sri Lanka battles its worst economical situation successful 7 decades, India this twelvemonth unsocial has provided it astir $4 cardinal successful support.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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