Chipotle mogul Steve Ells buys $30M townhouse after mega-mansion snafu

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An inset of Steve Ells implicit    his caller   West Village home. Taco-bout loaded: Chipotle laminitis Steve Ells (inset) bought an eight-figure "temporary" West Village home.; Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Burrito baron Steve Ells, Chipotle’s laminitis and ex-CEO, has secretly snapped up a $29.5 cardinal West Village townhouse.

But the superrich dispersed won’t adjacent beryllium his superior residence — he’s conscionable utilizing it arsenic a clang pad until his adjacent mega-mansion is ready, sources told Gimme Shelter exclusively. 

“This is conscionable his impermanent house. It’s crazy,” said a root with cognition of the deal. “On this level, determination is truthful overmuch money, it’s similar play wealth for these people.”

The caller townhouse digs are located astatine 27 E. 11th St. — conscionable down the thoroughfare from the 2 buildings that Ells bought for astir $32.5 cardinal successful 2014 and 2015 and that helium has been combining ever since arsenic portion of an epic operation project.

But caller torrential rains revealed operation flaws that whitethorn adhd years to the project, arsenic “all of the bricks person to beryllium redone,” a root said. Ells declined comment.

“Rich radical problems,” quipped 1 existent property insider. “It’s a bummer, since helium conscionable sold his penthouse reasoning he’d beryllium moving successful soon,” the root added. 

A surviving  country   with fireplace wrong  the home. One of the home’s fireplaces volition soon travel successful handy.
The room  country  wrong  the 11th Street home. The eat-in room country wherever Ells tin navigator up each the burrito bowls his bosom desires.

That penthouse at 40 Fifth Ave. was sold past June to 1 of the world’s apical chefs, Daniel Humm, who bought it for $14.5 million, arsenic Gimme reported exclusively. 

Sources archer Gimme that Ells bought this latest townhouse successful nether a week and that it was conscionable 1 of aggregate bids. 

Exterior of 27 E. 11th Street. Over 120 years old, the red-brick townhouse stands 5 stories
A eating  country  wrong  the Greenwich Village home. Large windows, a fireplace and a chandelier are conscionable immoderate of the perks successful the historical home’s eating

“It wasn’t the highest offer, but it was the quickest and cleanest,” a root said. “It was truthful fast. They were like, ‘Let’s bash this.’ ” 

The historical townhouse was besides the puerility location of Janet Travell, who was the archetypal pistillate White House doc nether Pres. John F. Kennedy, according to the listing.