Chris Cuomo used contacts to warn brother about sexual harassment reports

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Evidence released by New York’s lawyer wide connected Monday stoked speculation implicit Chris Cuomo’s aboriginal astatine CNN, showing that the primetime big utilized media contacts to glean accusation astir women accusing his brother, the past New York politician Andrew Cuomo, of intersexual harassment – past sought to marque his sibling alert of upcoming coverage.

A transcript of an interrogation with the younger Cuomo showed that astatine 1 constituent the TV big texted Melissa DeRosa, his brother’s apical aide, to accidental “I person a pb connected the wedding girl”. It was a notation to Anna Ruch, a pistillate who accused Andrew Cuomo of attempting to buss her astatine a wedding.

Chris Cuomo told investigators a “source” told him astir Ruch and a person told him that “maybe she had been enactment up to it”.

The broadcaster besides utilized his contacts to pass his brother, via DeRosa, of yet-to-be-published media reports regarding allegations against him.

“I would – erstwhile asked, I would scope retired to sources, different journalists, to spot if they had heard of anybody other coming out,” Cuomo told investigators.

Chris Cuomo has acknowledged that helium advised his member connected however to respond to a ungraded that engulfed his administration, but the grade of his engagement has lone present go clear.

Andrew Cuomo resigned arsenic New York politician successful August, aft 11 women accused him of inappropriate behaviour. He has consistently denied immoderate wrongdoing.

CNN said it would behaviour a “thorough review” of the caller evidence.

“We volition beryllium having conversations and seeking further clarity astir their value arsenic they subordinate to CNN implicit the adjacent respective days,” said a spokesman, according to CNBC.

Cuomo has been a primetime big connected CNN since 2018. When the allegations relating to his member emerged helium vowed not to screen them, owed to the evident struggle of interest. He has antecedently apologised for advising Andrew Cuomo during this time.

The grounds released by the authorities lawyer wide shows that Chris Cuomo typed retired a connection connected behalf of his member and sent it to DeRosa.

It read: “I volition not resign, I cannot resign … I recognize the governmental pressure, I recognize the stakes of governmental warfare, and that’s what this is … And I recognize the conformity that tin beryllium forced by cancel culture.”

Cuomo and DeRosa besides discussed upcoming stories successful Politico and the New Yorker connected the past governor.

“I was often successful interaction erstwhile we would perceive connection that determination were different radical coming out” with stories, Cuomo told investigators.