Chris Evans Officially Becomes Buzz Lightyear In First Trailer For ‘Lightyear’ — Watch

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October 27, 2021 9:25AM EDT

To infinity… with Chris Evans! The archetypal trailer for ‘Lightyear’ dropped connected October 27, giving america the archetypal glimpse astatine Buzz Lightyear’s root story.

Get acceptable to spot a full caller broadside of the 1 and lone Buzz Lightyear. The artifact we each cognize and emotion from Toy Story was based connected an existent quality going by the aforesaid name. Lightyear is going to explicate everything astir the reallife Buzz with Chris Evans astatine the helm.

In his aboriginal years, Buzz is simply a aviator traveling to space. He adjacent flies *thisclose* to the sun. Buzz has an adorable feline pursuing him astir erstwhile he’s backmost connected adust land.

Chris EvansBuzz Lightyear successful the ‘Lightyear’ trailer. (Disney/Pixar)

The last moments of the Lightyear trailer amusement Buzz coming face-to-face with his iconic spacesuit, the 1 enactment figures would beryllium modeled after. A chap pilot, successful the aforesaid suit, says to Buzz, “To infinity…” Buzz replies,  “And…”

Once the teaser trailer went wide, Chris retweeted the video and had immoderate heartfelt words astir his Lightyear experience. “I’m covered successful goosebumps,” Chris tweeted. “And volition beryllium each clip I ticker this trailer. Or perceive a Bowie song. Or person immoderate thought whatsoever betwixt present and July origin thing has ever made maine consciousness much joyousness and gratitude than knowing I’m a portion of this and it’s fundamentally ever connected my mind.”

Chris was archetypal announced arsenic the caller dependable of Buzz Lightyear successful December 2020 during Disney Investor Day. “I don’t adjacent person the words,” the Captain America prima tweeted aft the announcement was made. He made definite to add, “And conscionable to beryllium clear, this isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy. This is the root communicative of the quality Buzz Lightyear that the artifact is based on.”

Chris EvansChris Evans is the dependable of the quality Buzz Lightyear. (David Buchan/Shutterstock)

Tim Allen has been the dependable of Buzz Lightyear for each 4 of the Toy Story movies. Chris isn’t technically replacing Tim arsenic the dependable of Buzz. As the histrion pointed out, these are 2 antithetic characters. Chris is the quality Buzz Lightyear, portion Tim is the artifact mentation we spot successful Toy Story. Lightyear volition beryllium released successful theaters successful summertime 2022.