Chris Rock has 7 shows before he films his 2023 special. We found tickets

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2022 whitethorn precise good beryllium remembered arsenic the twelvemonth Chris Rock got slapped by Best Actor victor Will Smith astatine the Oscars.

In 2023, Rock volition astir apt beryllium remembered for thing wholly antithetic though— on Saturday, March 4 astatine 10 p.m. EST, helium volition go the archetypal comedian to execute unrecorded connected Netflix erstwhile helium takes the signifier astatine an undisclosed venue successful Baltimore to grounds his caller special.

Titled “Selective Outrage,” Rock volition astir apt code the elephant successful the room, too.

“People expect maine to speech astir the bulls–t. I’m not going to speech astir it close now. I’ll get to it yet — connected Netflix,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum said astatine the time.

However, he’s not rather acceptable for the taping conscionable yet.

To assistance polish his act, Rock has lined up 7 shows from Feb. 3-26 to hole for his high-stakes, historical Netflix special.

That includes a Feb. 3 gig astatine Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino Event Center.

And for fans of the the accomplished comic-actor-writer-director, this is the kicker— tickets are inactive disposable for each shows anterior to the taping of the special.

Even better, we recovered immoderate Chris Rock tickets going for under $70 earlier fees astatine the clip of publication.

Now, here’s wherever you tin find them.

Chris Rock 2023 circuit schedule

A implicit calendar featuring each upcoming Chris Rock circuit dates, venues and the cheapest tickets disposable for each amusement tin beryllium recovered below.

Chris Rock
tour datesTicket prices
start at
Feb. 3 astatine the Borgata Casino Event Center successful Atlantic City, NJ$144
Feb. 4 astatine the Chrysler Hall successful Norfolk, VA$70
Feb. 5 astatine the Chrysler Hall successful Norfolk, VA$65
Feb. 22 astatine the Ovens Auditorium successful Charlotte, NC$64
Feb. 23 astatine the Ovens Auditorium successful Charlotte, NC$66
Feb. 25 astatine the Tennessee Theatre successful Knoxville, TN$84
Feb. 26 astatine the Tennessee Theatre successful Knoxville, TN$72

(Note: The New York Post confirmed each supra prices astatine the work time. All prices are taxable to fluctuation and see further fees astatine checkout.)

Vivid Seats is simply a verified secondary marketplace ticketing platform, and prices whitethorn beryllium higher oregon little than look value, depending connected demand.

They connection a 100% purchaser warrant that states your transaction volition beryllium harmless and unafraid and your tickets volition beryllium delivered anterior to the event.

Chris Rock specials

Rock is known for meticulously workshopping his worldly successful an effort to cleanable it anterior to releasing it to the world.

As a result, Rock has a adjacent pristine estimation arsenic a jokesmith who tells it similar it is and if you haven’t seen his iconic work, well, you’re successful for a treat.

To assistance get you up to speed, here’s however you tin find each of Rock’s pre-existing specials.

“Big A– Jokes” (1994) tin beryllium streamed connected YouTube
“Bring the Pain” (1996) tin beryllium purchased connected Amazon
“Bigger & Blacker” (1999) tin beryllium streamed connected HBO
“Never Scared” (2004) tin beryllium streamed connected HBO
“Kill the Messenger” (2008) tin beryllium streamed connected HBO
“Tamborine” (2018) tin beryllium streamed connected Netflix

Note: Some of Rock’s worldly whitethorn beryllium considered NSFW.

Upcoming Chris Rock movies and tv shows

When Rock isn’t tinkering with his jokes, you mightiness beryllium capable to find him acting successful fearfulness films (2021’s “Spiral”), prestige TV shows (“Fargo”) and of course, comedies (“Top Five,” “CB4,” “2 Days In New York,” “Grown Ups” and “The Week Of”).

Here’s what helium has successful store successful the adjacent future.

“Rustin” tells the communicative of cheery civilian rights activistic Bayard Rustin (played by Colman Domingo), who helped signifier the 1963 March connected Washington. Rock volition beryllium joined by chap stars Audra McDonald and Jeffrey Wright successful the film.

“Kara,” a caller TV series, comes from Steppenwolf Theatre alum Anna Shapiro. The 2 person a fruitful nonrecreational narration arsenic well— in 2011, Rock starred successful Shapiro’s critically-acclaimed Broadway amusement ““The Motherf- – – – – With the Hat.” As of now, crippled details for the amusement are nether wraps.

“I Am Maurice” is the inspirational communicative of a Haitian migrant who comes to America aft the 2010 earthquake to prosecute his boxing dreams. Rock is acceptable to prima successful the movie alongside Leslie Jones and comic Wil Sylvince.

Chris Rock personage relationship

Rock has been linked to histrion and comedienne Lake Bell arsenic acold backmost arsenic July 2022.

Page Six reported the brace “(left) a meal day astatine personage blistery spot Giorgio Baldi successful Santa Monica, CA.”

You tin work much astir their whirlwind romance here.

Other comedians connected circuit successful 2023

While Rock has a comparatively abbreviated circuit schedule, galore comics volition beryllium taking their punchlines to venues each implicit the state each twelvemonth long.

Here are conscionable 5 household acts that whitethorn coming to a metropolis adjacent you successful the adjacent fewer months.

• Jerry Seinfeld

• Kevin Hart

• Adam Sandler

• Sarah Silverman

• Steve Martin with Martin Short

Want more? Our database of the 51 biggest comedians connected circuit successful 2023 tin beryllium recovered here.