Chris Simms slams NFL ref for Cassius Marsh penalty controversy

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Chris Simms went successful connected NFL referee Tony Corrente, accusing him of making calls based connected his idiosyncratic feelings astir players.

“I’ve seen Tony Corrente get idiosyncratic to radical connected the tract before. I’ve experienced it, I’ve seen it,” Simms said connected “Pro Football Talk” this week. “I don’t mean to spell aft the guy, but I’m going aft the guy. I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it personally.”

Corrente took vigor for a taunting punishment helium called connected the Bears’ Cassius Marsh aft a late-game sack connected 3rd down erstwhile Chicago was trailing by 3 points.

Corrente’s telephone came into question due to the fact that the referee pulled the emblem after making interaction with Marsh. The linebacker said the authoritative gave him a “hip check.”

Corrente aboriginal said his telephone was not related to making interaction with Marsh connected the field. The NFL reviewed the play and stood down Corrente’s call.

“I don’t bargain immoderate of it,” Simms said astir Corrente’s explanation. “I don’t bargain his answer. I’m calling him a liar, I don’t truly care. I don’t bargain it.”

Simms, an NFL backmost for 8 seasons, recalled a crippled helium played against the San Francisco 49ers, and Corrente was officiating.

“I got deed precocious successful a San Francisco game… And I get up and I’m like, ‘That was a precocious hit!’ And I mightiness person said the ‘F’ connection too,” Simms said. “Usually erstwhile you travel backmost from commercialized breaks and there’s stoppage time, the referee benignant of gives the backmost a informing like, ‘Hey, telephone your play, I’m astir to stroke the whistle.’ He’s not doing thing to me. Now we’ve gone done 3 commercialized breaks, a 4th break, and he’s conscionable blowing the whistle and starting the timepiece portion we’re each conscionable lasting astir waiting for things.

Chris Simms experienced Tony Corrente's wrath personally.Chris Simms experienced Tony Corrente’s wrath personally.Screengrab; Getty Images

“Finally, I go, ‘Are you gonna pass maine earlier you commencement the timepiece again? Usually that’s protocol.’ He goes, ‘Are you gonna apologize for what you said to maine earlier?’ I wanted to suffer my crap. After the game, I wanted to telephone him out. If we won, I astir apt would have. He conscionable showed maine helium got idiosyncratic and was gonna instrumentality the crippled into his ain hands there.”