‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Preview: Todd Freaks When His Anniversary Gift For Julie Goes Missing

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Exclusive Video

October 21, 2021 11:00AM EDT

When Todd Chrisley shows up astatine Savannah’s spot to get the car helium bought for Julie’s day acquisition successful this EXCLUSIVE ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ preview, it’s not there. Savannah tells Todd she had it ‘towed!’

Todd Chrisley is trying to instrumentality his anniversary with Julie Chrisley to the adjacent level with the acquisition helium bought for her: a caller car! He stops by Savannah’s spot to prime up the car successful this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 21 occurrence of Chrisley Knows Best, but Savannah doesn’t cognize what he’s talking about. She hasn’t had immoderate deliveries.

Todd explains that his feline texted him saying helium enactment the car successful the driveway. Savannah and Chase bash callback seeing an older car successful the driveway. They thought it was stolen! “Why would you get that for mama?” Chase asks his dad.

Todd ChrisleyTodd Chrisley comes to retrieve his day acquisition for Julie. (USA Network)

Chase tells Todd that helium was “vague” astir the acquisition from the star. Todd is “not successful the mood” for these antics from Savannah and Chase. He needs to cognize wherever the car is. “Let’s beryllium adults astir this, okay? It’s gone,” Chase says. Savannah adds that she had the car towed! Todd tells his kids they “better not beryllium messing” with him astir this.

“The car is portion of the astonishment for your mother. It was the car your parent had erstwhile she and I started dating,” Todd says. Todd adjacent tells Chase that helium was conceived successful a car that looked conscionable similar the 1 helium bought for Julie!

Savannah ChrisleySavannah Chrisley accidentally had Todd’s car for Julie towed! (USA Network)

“I inquire precise small of my children but Chase and Savannah consistently fto maine down each clip I inquire them to assistance maine retired with something,” Todd admits. In the last moments of the preview, Todd tells his kids they amended find that car — oregon else. “I wouldn’t adjacent cognize however to thrust a car similar that,” Savannah says. Todd claps back, “You knew however to get it towed.” Chrisley Knows Best airs Thursdays astatine 8:30 p.m. connected USA Network.