Christian Porter allegations prompted Brittany Higgins to go public about her own alleged rape, court hears

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Brittany Higgins has told a tribunal the nationalist airing of allegations against erstwhile lawyer general, Christian Porter, prompted her to commencement reasoning astir going nationalist astir her ain alleged rape.

Higgins besides revealed she was reasoning astir penning a publication about her experiences good earlier she was interviewed by constabulary successful 2021, and that fashionable Nine writer Peter FitzSimons had helped facilitate offers from publishers, 1 of which was worthy $325,000.

In cross-examination connected Friday day defence barrister, Steven Whybrow, continued to question Higgins astir her February 2021 determination to reinstate a constabulary ailment against Bruce Lehrmann.

Higgins has alleged she was raped by Lehrmann, who was past her colleague, successful the aboriginal hours of 23 March 2019. Lehrmann has denied the allegations and pleaded not blameworthy to 1 complaint of intersexual battle without consent.

Higgins said she archetypal began reasoning astir taking her allegations nationalist aft the reporting of allegations against Porter, who has repeatedly denied immoderate wrongdoing.

“The Porter allegations, that truly prompted maine to commencement having conversations with friends and family, truthful radical who aren’t known to the press, I was talking to them astir it,” Higgins told the court.

She besides said she began reasoning astir penning a publication astir her experiences successful aboriginal 2021, anterior to speaking to police.

“It wasn’t truly a steadfast happening and determination was nary imaginable of it ever being a existent tangible product, but I conscionable felt similar I needed to papers my experience,” she said.

“So it was a truly strange, full-circle infinitesimal erstwhile that really came to fruition.”

Higgins said she had been encouraged by FitzSimons and his wife, Lisa Wilkinson, a writer with The Project, to prosecute a publication deal.

“We met astatine an lawsuit and helium suggested ‘you request to constitute a book’ and said helium would enactment arsenic my agent,” she said.

Higgins received confirmation connected 16 March 2021 that publishers were interested, the tribunal heard.

She said FitzSimons came backmost to her saying helium had a steadfast offering $325,000 for her book.

Higgins said she was “blown away” by the offer.

“I truly didn’t inquire him, helium perfectly approached maine to bash it and said ‘I cognize people’,” Higgins told the court.

She said she had really begun formulating the outline of a publication astir a period earlier the FitzSimons offer.

Higgins was asked if that meant she was reasoning astir a publication anterior to her constabulary interrogation successful 2021. She confirmed that she had been.

Earlier connected Friday, Higgins revealed that she had been concerned astir the travel of accusation from constabulary to location affairs minister, Peter Dutton, successful the lead-up to her reinstating her ailment successful February 2021.

The tribunal heard that, anterior to handing constabulary her phone, she deleted worldly from the device, including audio files, substance messages and images of her erstwhile brag and furniture curate Linda Reynolds.

Higgins said she had wanted to “purge” her telephone of thing related to the alleged rape.

She said she had besides been acrophobic astir the information that Dutton had appeared to cognize “baseline” accusation astir her lawsuit anterior to her giving her constabulary interview.

The proceedings continues connected Monday earlier main justness Lucy McCallum.