Christopher Walken paints over, ‘destroys’ famed Banksy art on TV set

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"The Outlaws" cast "The Outlaws" connected BBC iPlayer stars Christopher Walken and comedian Steven Merchant, who besides directed the series. BBC One

It’s outlaw against “Outlaw.”

Christopher Walken, prima of the caller streaming bid “The Outlaws,” did what galore creation fans see sacrilegious enactment of vandalism: He painted implicit an archetypal Banksy!

A spokesperson for the BBC iPlayer series confirmed the 78-year-old movie icon’s enactment of demolition successful a statement.

“We tin corroborate that the artwork astatine the extremity of The Outlaws was an archetypal Banksy, and that Christopher Walken painted implicit that artwork during the filming of this scene, yet destroying it,” they told BBC.

“The Outlaws,” besides starring comedian and amusement manager Steven Merchant, was filmed successful Banksy’s hometown of Bristol, wherever the clandestine graffiti creator began spray-painting satirical images of a Teddy carnivore protester, a masked gorilla and philandering men.

For the show, acceptable designers brought successful 1 of Banksy’s different iconic works — 1 of his trademark, anthropomorphized rat — with support from the creator himself to person it destroyed.

Banksy rat successful  "The Outlaws"A spokesperson for the amusement confirmed the artwork featured successful “The Outlaws” is simply a morganatic Banksy piece.BBC One
Christopher Walken arsenic  Frank successful  "The Outlaws"Christopher Walken’s quality Frank unknowingly paints implicit the iconic portion of thoroughfare creation erstwhile a supervisor absentmindedly directs him to bash so.BBC One

During the play finale, the storyline sees that Walken’s quality Frank is made to absentmindedly overgarment implicit the artwork arsenic helium and respective criminals of insignificant offenses successful the amusement are charged with coating implicit graffiti arsenic portion of their enforced assemblage service.

It was a one-take country arsenic Walken was forced to virtually overgarment implicit the one-of-a-kind piece.

Christopher Walken arsenic  Frank successful  "The Outlaws"“The Outlaws” follows a radical of petty criminals arsenic they service assemblage service, by cleaning up vandalism successful the streets of Bristol. Reps for Walken, a Queens autochthonal and Oscar winner, person not responded to The Post’s petition for remark astir the on-camera stunt.BBC One

Banksy’s enactment has drawn tremendous sums successful the past — up to $25 million astatine Sotheby’s London earlier this year, his largest terms tag to date. Last year, his “Radar Rat” 1 of respective works successful his postulation of featuring the rodent, besides sold astatine a Sotheby’s auction successful Hong Kong for implicit $700,000.

Reps for Walken, a Queens autochthonal and Oscar winner, person not responded to The Post’s petition for remark astir the on-camera stunt.

Banksy artwork of rat with spraycanOne caller Banksy rat coating sold for much than $700,000 astatine Sotheby’s.BBC One