Churchill was not condemned in National Trust report | Letters

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Contrary to the claims of Simon Jenkins (The National Trust has needlessly provoked an ‘anti-woke’ campaign, 13 October), Churchill was not condemned successful the National Trust’s study connected the legacies of slavery and colonialism astatine places successful our care, and nor was the study written by a radical of partisan academics. The study was authored and edited by a fig of the astir experienced curators successful the National Trust. It went done a robust reappraisal process with interior and outer curators and world historians earlier it was published. The study presents our existing cognition astir Chartwell and galore different properties successful a straightforward and factual way, successful the anticipation that we and others tin physique upon that cognition and heighten our knowing of the planetary quality of the British state house.
John Orna-Ornstein
Director of curation and experience, National Trust