Citigroup Becomes First Wall Street Bank to Commit to ‘Racial Equity’ Audit

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Citigroup agreed to acquisition an autarkic “racial equity audit,” the slope announced connected Oct. 22.

“We judge that by advancing our commitments to assistance adjacent the radical wealthiness spread successful the United States we tin person a meaningful interaction connected our colleagues, clients, and the communities we serve,” the slope said successful a statement. “Measurement and transparency are important components of the enactment we are doing to beforehand diversity, equity, and inclusion, some astatine our slope and done our contributions to our communities and nine much generally.”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion grooming and jargon are intimately associated with critical contention theory, according to Legal Insurrection’s, which tracks captious contention mentation and the related “anti-racist” question astatine schools crossed the United States. Critical contention mentation is an offshoot of the Marxist captious mentation schoolhouse of thought that archetypal emerged successful Germany successful the aboriginal 20th century.

Some schoolhouse districts person carried retired “equity audits” to reappraisal information connected race, which entails the hiring of alleged diverseness and inclusion consultants to guarantee a absorption connected race, according to

Citibank successful September of past twelvemonth announced that it would behaviour an “Action for Racial Equality” (ARE) successful the aftermath of riots, protests, and calls to “defund the police” past summertime pursuing the decease of George Floyd.

That program, according to the Wall Street bank’s statement, is meant “to (1) supply greater entree to banking and recognition successful communities of color, (2) summation concern successful Black-owned businesses, (3) grow affordable lodging and homeownership among Black Americans, and (4) beforehand anti-racist practices successful our institution and the fiscal services industry.”

It’s not wide if immoderate different banks volition travel suit. Global plus absorption steadfast BlackRock previously said it plans to behaviour a “racial equity audit” adjacent year.

The audit volition beryllium performed by lawyers at Covington & Burling LLP, “who person civilian rights expertise and acquisition starring radical equity audits crossed assorted industries,” according to Citibank.

Meanwhile, the audit “will see input from a scope of stakeholders, including colleagues progressive successful implementing ARE arsenic good arsenic civilian rights organizations that we expect volition stock the views of the customers and communities ARE is designed to support. We look guardant to releasing the results from the audit erstwhile it is completed,” the slope added.

Earlier this year, members of the House debated a measure from Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) that would mandate fiscal companies to transportation retired radical audits each 2 years.

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